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Mukund Vandana (Mukunda Vandanam) by Animesh at Stutimandal


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O Mukunda, Who is the cause of the Universe, Who is serene in form, Who is everything, Who is faultless, Who is adored by Śruti, Who is complete, Who is known as Viṣṇu, Who is Brahman and Jīva, Who is beyond the metempsychosis ocean, Who is Kṛṣṇa, Who is established only by the knowledge of tattva, Who is worthy of singing by knowledge and tāntrika treatises, and Who is victorious! I adore You.[1]

O Mukunda, Who is beautiful like a dark cloud, Who has yellow apparel, Whose feet are like lotus, Who has curly hair, Who has flute in hand, Who is condensed beauty, Whose lips are sweet, Who has white jasmine-like smile (due to white teeth), Who is like a group of moon for the partridge like cowherdesses, and Whose eyes are like lotus! I adore You.[2]

O Mukunda, Who causes the death of lineage of Diti (the demons), Who crushed Cāṇūra, Who absolved the elephant Kuvalayāpīḍa, Who destroyed Kaṁsa, Who killed the kind of Cedī (Śiśupāla), Who walks faster than the King of Yavana (Kālayavana), Who kills the king of demons, Who ended Narakāsura, and Who defeated the cobra called Kāliya! I adore You.[3]

O Mukunda, Who is the ocean of bliss, Who is reached by devotion, Who is aware of laws, Who is subtle, Who is the fish-incarnation in the ocean of metempsychosis, Who is free, Who is desire-less, Who is beyond desires, Who is the reason (behind everything), Who is the deed, Who is complete, Who is the Lord of Yogī, Who is Yoga, Who is the ocean of bliss, and Who is reached by knowledge! I adore You.[4]

O Mukunda, Who is dear to Yamunā, Who did sport (with Gopī), Who took away the beautiful butter-pots of cowherdesses, Who is the Lord of cowherds, Who ate curd, Who is the bumble-bee for the lotus-like life of Śrīyaśodā, Who holds a flute, and Who is dear to Nanda! I adore You.[5]


Poet: Animeṣa

Book: Stutimaṇḍalasaṅkalana

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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