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Bhagavati Ashtakam (Bhagavatyashtakam) by Amar Das (Amaradasa)


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May salutations be for You, O Sarasvatī, Who holds a trident and a cakra, Who is wrapped in white apparel, Who is auspicious, and Who is situated on the shoulders of a lion (king of deer)! O Great Goddess, Whose lips are golden and charming, Who has moist hairs, and Who is decorated by golden lotuses! May salutations be for You.[1]

O Great Goddess, Who is saluted by Brahmā and others, Whose resplendence disappears moonshine, Who is surrounded by garlands having jewels, Who absolves the pain of metempsychosis ocean, Who is decorated with a Tamāla in hand, Who has a mark of Tamāla-nectar on forehead, Who is beyond the scope of tongue, and Who is speech! May salutations be for You.[2]

O Great Goddess, Who endears own devotees, Who is without a flaw, Who can always give apavarga or bhoga,1 Who absolves poverty and grief, Who causes bliss of the three worlds, Who is the Goddess, Who is Bhavānī, Who is immense, Who is Ambikā, Who is blazing due to immense tejas (fire-like quality), and Who is adorned by creeper-like arms! May salutations be for You.[3]

O Great Goddess, Who destroys the fear of those taken refuge, Whose shoulders have flower garlands, Who takes care of darkness in understanding, Who causes spotless and pure wisdom, Whose lotus-feet are honored by demi-gods, Whose valor is immense, Who is immutable, and Whose eyes are like big lotus! May salutations be for You.[4]

In battlefield, when Dhūmralocana demon was killed by You, then in three worlds, the demi-gods showered flowers. There, having examined Your resplendence present in You, the Sun felt ashamed. O Great Goddess, Who is the storehouse of mercy, and Who is unchangeable! May salutations be for You.[5]

When (Your) lion roared then the earth shook, and the commander of demons ran away quickly with his army by fear. O Great Goddess, Who destroys by anger and quake, Who killed Caṇḍa and Muṇḍa, and Who reverberated by the roar of lion (king of deer)! May salutations be for You.[6]

O Caṇḍikā, Who has saffron smeared in the tress-locks, Who has white, dry and invincible lips, Whose face is sporty, Who is the best, and Who slayed Śumbha and Niśumbha! Please be happy. O Great Goddess, Who is unborn, Who destroys all the faults, Who bestows a lot of auspicion, and Who is unshakeable! May salutations be for You.[7]

Indeed You are the holding the universe. Indeed You have caused the universe. Indeed You absolve everything. You are not even reached by unconquered souls. In the interest of heavenly beings, You are immersed, and You do the destruction of demons. O Great Goddess, Who has hundred eyes, and Who has blood-stained teeth (Raktadantikā)! May salutations be for You.[8]

Those men — who have concentrated their mind, and Who are associated with inseparable devotion (to Goddess) — which read this eulogy during dawn or evening, they indeed become knowledge scholars, associated with wealth and sons, and associated with splendor of wife. And they go to achieve the nectar of bliss.[9]


1 Apavarga refers to the negation of pavarga, which consists of pāpa, phala, bandhana, bhaya, and mṛtyu. Negation of these five happens in an extreme state of bliss synonymous with mokṣa.


Poet: Amaradāsa

Book: Bṛhatstotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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