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Shri Stuti (Diwali Divali 2008) Sri Stavah


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Oṁ. May Śrīdevī — Who has a grand appearance, Who has four complexions, Who has four hands, Who knows the summary of enlightenment and bravery, and Who is remembered — give Cintāmaṇi (jewel). May Lakṣmī with beautiful and splendid appearance grant serene face, rice, variegated luck, and praise from the world to me.[1—2]

May Śrītāṇḍulī — Who is the great Goddess and Who is embellished on a splendid lotus — grant wealth for luxuries and every enjoyment to me. May You — Who is Śrīvrīhi (one bearing rice) with free life and Who is dear to all the kings — grant eternal bliss and golden riches to me.[3—4]

May salutations be for Śrīdevī, Who is the Goddess of wealth, Who is beautiful, Who possesses every beauty, and Who is indeed the jewel of every knowledge. Protect me, like You protect these worlds including Brahmā, the worlds consisting of movable and immovable, and the limbs of Śiva. May salutations be for You. With all my effort, I incessantly salute You Śrīdevī with my head.[5—6]


Book: Jāvādvīpe ullekhita

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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