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Dhyānam: One should meditate upon Maheśa, Who is eternal, Whose complexion resembles Mount Kailāsa, Who has a beautiful moon on forehead, Whose bright organs are decorated by jewels, Who has an axe, a deer, boon and fearlessness in hands, Who is gracious, Who is sitting on a lotus, Who is continuously eulogized by the devagaṇa (demi-gods), Who has a cloth made of tiger-skin, Who is the beginning of the universe, Who is the cause of the universe, Who absolves all the fears, Who has five heads, and Who has three eyes (on every head).[1]

Stotram: Fallen Men! Adore the consort of Girijā, Who is the Lord of beings and moon, Who is the Lord of the earth, Who is the Lord of Nāgaloka, Who is the Lord of Satī, Who absolves the troubles of devotees fallen onto feet, and Who is the supreme Lord.[1]

Not father, not mother or not even siblings, not son, not strength or not even the lineage protect anyone. All of these are indeed captive of Kāla (time). Fallen men! Adore the consort of Girijā.[2]

Fallen men! Adore the consort of Girijā, Who is unique in playing Muraja and Ḍiṇḍima drums, Who is learned in the five essentials of sound, and Who is indeed served by a multitude of tormentors and ghosts.[3]

Fallen men! Adore the consort of Girijā, Who bestows refuge, Who bestows bliss, Who is possessed of giving refuge, Who is saluted by men chanting ‘Śiva Śiva Śiva’, Who is bestows fearlessness, and Who is the house of water (ocean) of compassion.[4]

Fallen men! Adore the consort of Girijā, Who is decorated by human skulls, Who has jewels in earhoop, Who is glad by a garland of snake, Who has a bull on His flag, and Whose form is made white by smudged ashes from a funeral pile.[5]

Fallen men! Adore the consort of Girijā, Who caused the destruction of the sacrifice of Dakṣa, Who has moon on forehead, Who always bestows result on those participating in sacrifice, and Who burns demi-gods, demons and humans during deluge.[6]

Having discarded old pride situated inside heart, and having looked upon the world as troubled by fear of birth, death, old-age and near to men anxious of fear -- O fallen men! Adore the consort of Girijā.[7]

Fallen men! Adore the consort of Girijā, Who is the King of Hari (Viṣṇu), Virañci (Brahmā and demi-gods, Who is worshipped, Who is saluted by Yamarāja, kings and Kubera, Who has three eyes, and Who is the King of the three worlds.[8]

The man who always reads and hears this wonderful eight-canto of Paśupati penned by Pṛthivīpatīsūri. he lives in the world of Śiva and benefits happiness.[9]


Poet: Pṛthivīpatisūri

Book: Bṛhatstotraratnākaraḥ

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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