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Jay Jay Surnayak, Vishnu Stuti, Visnu Stuti, Tulsidas


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O Viṣṇu, Who is the leader of demi-gods, Who bestows bliss to people, Who protects the prostrate, Who is the God, Who is benevolent to cows and sages, Who kills demons, and Who is the dear one of Ocean’s daughter Lakṣmī! Be victorious.[1]

You created the earth, the people and made a splendid universe, and we are yet to understand the reason, purpose and method of such a creation. O You, Who is benevolent to weak! Those who follow you with spontaneity, understand the world as your creation.[2]

O Mukunda, Who is all pervading, Who is indestructible, Who is supreme bliss, Who is inexplicable, Who is beyond our sense organs, Who is with pristine nature, and Who is beyond His creation called Māyā! Be victorious.[3]

Those sages who renounce this world, and who are with a devoted heart, and who are dispassionate — praise You incessantly, mediate upon You and think about You, and they sing your victories all the time.[4]

You created the universe, and made three qualities in the universe without help from anyone. And You, at every instant, take care of all of us who don’t even know devotion, sacrifice, or prayers.[5]

The demi-gods, after renouncing thought, voice, and deeds, are taking refuge in You, Who destroys the ocean of metempsychosis, Who is bliss and happiness for the sages, and Who destroys the unison of all troubles fallen upon us.[6]

Goddess of speech Śāradā, the Veda, Śeṣanāga, the incessant companion of Śrīviṣṇu, all the sages, and the rest all combined cannot understand what are the various forms, manifestations, and intentions of Yours. You care for the weak, You are called by the Veda, and we pray to You, the Lord.[7]

You are like the Mt. Mandarācala for the ocean of metempsychosis.1 You are unique and magnificent from whatever angle we try to perceive You. You are the temple of qualities and You are the source of bliss. All the sages, the siddha, and the demi-gods are very fearful right now — we bow to Your feet for safety.[8]


1 In ancient times, Mt. Mandarācala was used as a churner and Kṣīrasāgara, the Ocean of milk, was churned for the re-appearance of Lakṣmī in Universe; Lakṣmī had disappeared by the curse of Sage Durvāsā to Indra. Here a metaphor is used to compare the ocean or metempsychosis with Kṣīrasāgara and the Lord as Mt. Mandarācala which generated all the divine happiness in this universe.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Rāmacaritamānasa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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