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Vinayavali 07 - Vinay Patrika Shiv Bhajan


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Vinayāvalī 007

O the Consort of Umā! How do You not take pity on (this) miserable? O You, Who is mine (treasure) of compassion! You take away the dreadful misfortunes.[1] The Veda and the Purāṇa say that Hara, the destroyer (of miseries of devotees), is generous. Then how did You become so sparing in my case?[2]

What devotion did the Brahman Guṇanidhi perform, (that) You were pleased and gave him Your own auspicious abode?[3] The state (of liberation) which great sages sing of as unattainable (supreme), even insects and moths achieve it (when they die) in Your city Kāśī.[4]

O the enemy of Kāmadeva! Give me (unflinching) love in the lotus-feet of Rāma. Tulasīdāsa says — O Lord! Take away the perception of duality (dvaita).[5]


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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