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Sarasvati Stotram from Rudrayamalam by Brihaspati


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Rudrayāmale Sarasvatīstotram

Bṛhaspati spoke: O Sarasvatii! I do salutations to You, Who is consciousness, Who is situated inside heart, Who is seated in throat (as Vāṇī), Who is born out of lotus, Who is hrīṅkāra, Who is always dear, Who bestows wisdom, Who bestows boons, Who indeed bestows fruit to all desires, Who is dear of Keśava, Who is noble woman, Who has a lute in hands, and Who bestows boons.[1—2]

I do salutations to You, Who is likes mantra, Who is always the innermost, Who destructs bad thinking, Who is self-enlightened, Who is without support, Who repels the darkness of ignorance, Who is dear to salvation, Who is pure, Who is eternal, Who is beautiful, Who is dear to resplendence, Who is seated on a lotus, Who is decorated with earrings, Who has white clothes, and Who entices mind.[3—4]

I salute Sarasvatī, Who is merged in solar system(s), Who is dear to people, Who is knowledge personified, Who dispels darkness of the world, and Who destroys the obstacles of devotees.[5] This is the truth. By the great sage, who controls his speech, the Goddess was eulogized, and saw the soul-like (Goddess) resplendent as an autumn-moon.[6]

Śrīsarasvatī spoke: Ask for the decent boon, that dwells inside the mind of you. Bṛhaspati spoke: O Goddess! If You are happy on me, then bestow the supreme knowledge on me.[7] Śrīsarasvatī spoke: The spotless knowledge, which destroys traits of bad thinking, will be given to you. Those men who will always eulogize me by this poem with devotion, they will obtain the supreme knowledge which is comparable to my glory.[7—8]

By my graciousness, they will receive the poetry prowess reachable by mind.[9] Having done with piously disposed trisandhyā, that man who studies this eulogy, in his throat I will always reside — there is no doubt about it.[10]


Poet: Bṛhaspati

Book: Rudrayāmalam

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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