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Durga Dhyanam (Durgaa Dhyaanam)


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Attend to Durgā, Who is associated with a hair-bun of matted locks, Who has made eighth-night moon as a forehead-mark, Who has three eyes, Who has a face resembling a moon and a lotus, Whose is radiant with light of blue color (that of linseed flower), Who is well respected, Whose eyes are conducive, Who is full of youthful energy, and Who is decorated by all the ornaments.[1—2]

Attend to Durgā, Who has a beautiful and conducive face, Who is having enlarged breasts due to full milk, Who is the killer of Mahiṣāsura while standing at the point of rout of the three worlds, Who should be given trident in right hand, Who should hold scymitar and cakra in that order in other right hands, Who should have a sharp arrow and śakti in the left hands.[3—4]

A shield, a full bow, a string, a stick, a high flag, a bell, or an axe can be rested in Her left hands. Beneath that, a buffalo with a head belonging to it should be shown. One should show the demon as emerging out from the body of beheaded buffalo, holding a scymitar in hands.[5—6]

One should show his heart as pierced by a spear, without mercy. One should decorate his body with blood of red color and his red eyes should be opened wide. One should show him as tied with a nāgapāśa (snake-chain), and his eyebrows should be meeting on a scary head. One should show his hairs held together by the left hand of Durgā.[7—8]

One should show the lion of Goddess as drooling with blood on face. The right foot of Goddess should be situated in the middle above of lion. Somewhat high and somewhat left should be the left thumb (of Goddess) above the buffalo. One should have this form in eulogy by immortal demi-gods.[9—10]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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