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I am not a body, I am not the network of various sense-organs, I am not the ego of ‘I’, I am not the set of prāṇa (life-breathe), and I am not wisdom. I am away from wife, husband, farms, finances, etc. I am the eternal witness of everything turned inwards towards the Ātman. I am eternal bliss.[1]

Because of lack of knowledge about the rope, just like a rope appears as a snake — similarly, because of lack of knowledge about the true-self, the Ātman (true-self) appears as a form of body. I am not that rope like (ignorant) living being, the illusion of which is negated by appropriate aphorisms spoken by realized preceptors. I am eternal bliss.[2]

Because of delusion, this unreal world manifests in the true knowledge-like and blissful Ātman. Because of delusion in the sleep state, that what is seen in dreams is not true (either). I am pure, complete, eternal, and unique eternal bliss.[3]

I am not born. I do not age. I do not get destroyed like various natural deeds done or spoken by the body. I am not even the performer (of any action) inspired by the pure thought. I am not even the ego of ‘I’ of the the Ātman (Self). I am pure eternal bliss.[4]

There is nothing in this world which is different from me. This is the truth. All external objects are illusions prepared by Māyā. This illusion is comparable to what is perceived and seen inside the mind. In my realized non-dual state, that which is observed — I am that eternal bliss.[5]


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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