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Hanuman Jayanti 2009 | Hanuman Bhajan by Tulsidas


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Vinayāvalī 026

(O Hanumān!) Victory to You! You are the king of the monkeys, You have the valour of the king of the beasts — the lion, and You are (an incarnation of) the great lord Śiva, Who is the abode of happiness and blessings, and Who holds skulls (in his hands). You are the sun, garlanded with rays, for the dreadful night of the mundane world which abounds in the villians like delusion, arrogance, anger and desire (lust).[1]

Glory to You! You are borne of Aditi in the form of the resplendent Añjanā and the son of Kaśyapa in the form of the Kesarī monkey.1 You are the dispeller of the sufferings of the world. You are the Sun for taking away the anguish of the Cakra birds in the form of the world, and the red lotuses in the form of the (eight) Lokapāla (the protectors of the world). O Hanumān! You are the agent of auspiciousness.[2]

Hail to You! Your form is very large and dreadful (for the demons), Your whole body has the nature (hardness) of the diamond, and Your long-arms are heavy. Your nails are like the Vajra, Your shining teeth are beautiful, Your hairy tail is very long, You wield various Śastra and Astra2 for (destroying) the enemies, and You wield mountains (as weapons).[3]

Victory to You! You liberated Sītā, the daughter of Janaka, from grief and burning affliction. You make the lotuses in the form of the happiness of Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa bloom. (Just) out of a monkey’s interest and sport (instincts), You burnt Laṅka with Your tail, and You destroyed the Aśoka Vātikā (grove). You are the newly arisen sun — the abode of brilliance.[4]

Glory to You! You constructed the bridge of rocks over the sea, You are the slayer of abundant happiness of evil demons. You pierced the vulnerable spots of Rāvaṇa, Kumbhakarṇa and the Indra-conquering Meghanāda, and (thus) gave them the fruits of their deeds (karma).[5]

Hail to You! You are the one ornament of the world, the granter of the wish of Vibhiṣaṇa (of devotion to Rāma), and You accomplished many (great) tasks in the war of Rāma. Aboard the Puṣpaka aerial-car, with Lakṣmaṇa and Sītā, You are the high-flying flag in the fame of Rāma, the Sun of the Solar race.[6]

Victory to You! You swallow the yantra, mantra and abhicāra3 done by enemies, and You are the destroyer of voodoo-like tricks to kill (others) and the likes of Kṛtyā.4 You are the controller (restrainer) of multitudes of (evil forces like) śākinī, ḍākinī, pūtanā, preta (omen), vetāla (goblin), bhūta (ghost), and pramatha (tormentors).[7]

Glory to You! You know Vedānta, You are skilled in various sciences and arts, You have knowledge of the (four) Veda and the (six) Vedāṅga,5 and You know Brahman. You are a deserving recipient of jñāna (knowledge), vijñāna, and vairāgya (dispassion). You are omnipotent. The likes of Śukadeva and Nārada sing Your holy virtues.[8]

Hail to You! You are the destroyer of time, the three qualities, karma and māyā (illusion), Your Jñāna is ever invariable, You are devoted to Your vows and truth, and You observe righteousness. You are ever served by the siddha, crowds of demi-gods, and the best Yogin. O the Sun for destroying (the darkness) of fear (of death)! Tulasīdāsa is in Your refuge.[9]


1 Ṛṣi Kaśyapa and his wife Aditi are the parents of all gods, as well as Vāmana, the fifth incarnation of Viṣṇu.

2 A śastra is a weapon which is wielded in hands in war, like the mace or the sword. An astra is a missile weapon which is thrown or launched in war, like the javelin or the arrow.

3 These three are forms of black-magic. Please note that all forms of tantra or yantra are not black-magic.

4 A female-deity to whom sacrifices are offered for destructive purposes.

5 Śikṣā, Kalpa, Vyākaraṇa, Nirukta, Chandas and Jyotiṣa are the six ‘limbs’ of Veda, or Vedāṅga.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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