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Ganesh Panchakam | Ganadhipati Panchakam by Shankaracharya | Shri Nrisimhabharati


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I salute Gaṇādhipa (Gaṇeśa), Who is rare to be attained by passionate ones, Who is worshipped by dispassionate seers, Who is saluted by demi-gods and demons, Who destroys death that drinks (those in) old-age, and Who is the ocean of mercy. That, whose worshippers hail preceptor with tongue and Hari with wealth, I bow to that Gaṇādhipa.[1]

I incessantly take the support of Gaṇādhipa, Who is the happiness-giver Sun for the lotus-like face of daughter of Girīndra Himālaya (Pārvatī), Who has the face like king of elephants, Who is eager to salvage the sinful impurities of those bowing to Him, Whose waist is tied by the king of creepers (snakes), and Who was not defeated by the (eternally young) sons of Brahmā due to His luminous body.[2]

I salute Gaṇādhipa, Who is adored by Śuka and other sages, Who is addressed by the letter Ga, Who is imperishable, Who bestows desires and wishes for desirous ones with great devotion and humility, Who is shining due to four hands, Who is prayed with blooming lotuses, and Who reveals the true nature of ātmatattva (Brahman).[3]

I happily salute Gaṇādhipa, Who gives the status of kingship, Who is the leader of heaven and other worlds, Who removes fever and other diseases, Who shattered (literally, deformed) the troops of demons, Whose elephant-goad is shining due to the lotus in hand, Who always manifests inside the heart of the person free from impurities and desires, and Who drinks (away) obstacles.[4]

I salute Gaṇādhipa, Who forgives by throwing away the fatigue of those with thoughts concentrated as in spiritual meditation, Who is always offered by moon and others, Who is the reservoir of forgiveness, Who is prayed by the consort of Ramā (Viṣṇu), Who is brought together by Yamāntaka (Śiva), Who bestows śama (quietude) and other six qualities for manifestation of power.[5]

With happiness, those men who read these five-verses (pañcakam) of Gaṇādhipa — which bestows desired wishes to the men, and after offering salutes — they become untied (free) in front of their eyes, they achieve a long life speedily like the magnificence of this song, they become more wealthy, and they become worthy sons without a doubt.[6]


Poet: Śrīnṛsiṁhabhāratī Śaṅkarācārya

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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