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Shiv Bhajan from Vinay Patrika (# 10) by Tulsidas


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Vinayāvalī 010

O lord Śaṅkara, You are the sun for (destroying_ the darkness of delusion. O Hara, the destroyer! O Rudra, the roaring destroyer! You are my refuge, You are the remover of my anguish, and You are pleasing to the world (and people). The Young moon (shines) on Your forehead, Your very large eyes are (like) lotuses, and You are the abode of the charm of a billion Kāmadevas.[1]

Your form is white like the conch, the jasmine flower, the moon and camphor. You are brilliant (or pleasant), and the splendour of Your body shines forth like a crore newly arisen suns. Ash is all over Your body and Pārvatī, the daughter of Himālaya, in one half of it. The garlands of snakes and human skulls is radiant around Your neck.[2]

On Your head are a crown of dense hair twisted together having the (whitish-yellow) lustre of lightning and the water of the most eminent river Gaṅgā which is sanctified by (its source), the feet of Hari. You have rings in Your ears and the Kālakūṭa venom in the neck. I venerate (You who are) the cloud of compassion, the Brahma in the form of existence-consciousness-bliss, and the Avadhūta.[3]

You have (hold) trident, arrow, the Pināka bow and sword in Your hand; You are the fire for burning the forest of enemies, and the bull is Your vehicle. The hide of tiger and elephant is Your clothing, You are the abode of Vijñāna, You are being served by Siddha, Sura (deities), Muni (sages), and humans.[4]

Peforming the tāṇḍava dance, You play the kettle-drum with sound ḍim ḍim; (and even though) You appear inauspicious, You are the mine (treasure) of auspiciousness. At the end of a mahākalpa,1 You burn the (entire) sphere of the universe, Kailāsa is Your abode, and You are seated in Kāśī.[5]

You are the knower of the Tat (That),2 You are omniscient, You are the lord of Yajñas (sacrifices), You are (ever) immaculate, You are the sovereign and omnipresent lord, and the world is borne out of Your (infinitesimal) fraction. Brahmā (the creator), Indra (the king of deities), Candra (the lord of the mind), Sūrya (the lord of the intellect), Varuṇa (the lord of the ocean), Agni (the lord of fire), the eight Vasu (with the eleven Rudras and the twelve Ādityas, the lords of the heaven and the earth), the forty-nine Marut (the lords of storms and thunderbolts), and Yama (the lord of death) — all of them have become supremely authoritative after praising Your feet.[6]

You are beyond the (sixteen) Kalā, You are without any upādhi (of Jīva or Īśvara), You are beyond the three qualities (sattva, rajas and tamas), You are unblemished, You are all-pervasive, You are the only one course (destination) of all Karma, You are unborn and You are without any transformation. Everything is Your manifestation, You have a ferocious form, You are auspicious, You are the deity of kings, You are present in all that exists, You are the destroyer, and You are favourable to everybody.[7]

[When] Śiva is agreeable, (one gets everything — ) jñāna (supreme knowledge), freedom from worldy desires, riches, dharma (righteousness), the bliss of kaivalya (absolute unity with the one Brahman), and pleasant prosperity. O Bhava! Even then the foolish man who undertakes the wordly (mortal) path and who is turned away from Your feet wanders confused (undergoes cycles of births and deaths).[8]

Tulasidāsa, who has lost his senses (or intellect), who is very wicked, who is immersed in hardships, who is given to distress (or depression), has come in the refuge of the beneficent Śiva. O the enemy of Kāmadeva, give (me) incessant devotion in the lotus-feet of Śrīrāma, which is devoid of any Māyā (illusion) of duality.[9]


1 A Mahākalpa is one hundred years for Brahmā, equal to 311,040,000,000,000 years of humans.

2 The first word in the Mahāvyāhṛti, Tat Tvam Asi.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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