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Narayani Stuti from Durga Saptashati - narayani namostu te - Rishi Markandeya


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O Goddess, Who absolves the pain of those seeking refuge! Be pleased. O Goddess, Who is the mother of the entire universe! Be pleased. O Goddess of the entire world! Be pleased. Protect the world. O Goddess! You are the Queen of the entire movable and immovable world.[1]

You are the unique support (or basis) of this entire world, as You are situated by the form of Earth (soil or matter) in this world. In You (i.e., Your Earth form), You are situated in the water form. Thus, You satisfy the whole world with this water form, O Goddess, Whose valor is not surpassable![2]

You are the Vaiṣṇavīśakti (power of Viṣṇu). Your valor is unlimited. You are Paramā Māyā (supreme), which is the root cause of this world. O Goddess! This world is hypnotized (by Māyā). When You are graceful (to someone), You are the channel of liberation (mokṣa).[3]

O Goddess! The various knowledge (paths) are Your various forms. All the females in this world are Your icons. O Mother! You have manifested (filled) the whole world. What eulogy (praise) can be sung about You! You are beyond the speech which eulogizes, and You are the Parā (speech).1[4]

When You are called as Goddess, Who has be manifested in everything, and Who bestows luxuries and liberation, then You get eulogized. What else can be a better saying for praising You![5] O Nārāyaṇī, Who is situated as the faculty of wisdom in every human’s mind, Who bestows heaven or apavarga, and Who is noble! May salutations be for You.[6]

O Nārāyaṇī, Who bestows change in form by kalā and kāṣṭhā properties, Who dissolves the world, and Who is Śakti! May salutations be for You.[7] O Nārāyaṇī, Who indicates all the auspicions, Who is eternal bliss, Who ensures success of every puruṣārtha, Who is the ultimate refuge, Who is Tryambakā (three-eyed), and Who is fair complexioned (Gaurī) consort of Śiva! May salutations be for You.[8]

O Nārāyaṇī, Who takes the Śakti form for the creation and destruction of the universe, Who is eternal, Who is the support of qualities, and Who has all the qualities! May salutations be for You.[9] O Nārāyaṇī, Who is expert in rescue of poor and troubled refugees, Who absolves all the pains, and Who is the noble Goddess! May salutations be for You.[10]

O Nārāyaṇī, Who is seated on an aerial-car with swans, Who has taken the Brahmāṇī form, and Who sprinkles water boiled with Kuśa or grass (from a Kamaṇḍalu)! May salutations be for You.[11] O Nārāyaṇī, Who has a trident, a moon and a snake, and Who has a great bull as a vehicle in the form of Māheśvarī! May salutations be for You.[12]

O Nārāyaṇī, Who is surrounded by peacocks and roosters, Who holds Mahāśakti in hands, Who is infallible, and Who is situated in the form of Kaumārī! May salutations be for You.[13] O Nārāyaṇī, Who has held on to greatest weapons conch, cakra, mace and śārṅga bow, and Who is in the form of Vaiṣṇavī! Be pleased. May salutations be for You.[14]

O Nārāyaṇī, Who has held a great and fierce cakra, Who brought back the Earth from cosmic depths by fangs, Who took the form of a boar, and Who is eternal bliss! May salutations be for You.[15] O Nārāyaṇī, Who undertook the task to kill demons by taking the fierce form of Nṛsiṁha (man-lion), and Who is with the protection of the three world! May salutations be for You.[16]

O Nārāyaṇī, Who is decorated with a diadem, Who possesses a great Vajra, Who has thousands of brilliant sparkling eyes, Who took away the life of Vṛtrāsura demon, and Who is Aindrī! May salutations be for You.[17] O Nārāyaṇī, Who afflicted the great powers of demons by the form of Śivadūtī,2 Who has a fierce form, and Who caused a great clamour (of bells)! May salutations be for You.[18]

O Nārāyaṇī, Who has a face fierce teeth, Who has an ornament of human-skull garland, Who is Cāmuṇḍā, and Who destroyed Muṇḍa! May salutations be for You.[19] O Nārāyaṇī, Who is Lakṣmī, Who is Lajjā, Who is Mahāvidyā, Who is Śraddhā, Who is Puṣṭiḥ, Who is Svadhā, Who is unchangeable, Who is Mahārātri, and Who is Mahāmāyā! May salutations be for You.[20]

O Goddess, Who is Medhā (wisdom), Who is Sarasvatī, Who is Varā, Who is Bhūti (splendor), Who is Durgā (reddish in complexion), and Who is Tāmasī! May you be invariably happy. O Nārāyaṇī, Who is Īśā! May salutations be for You.[21] O Goddess, Who is present in everything, Who is ruler of everything, and Who is associated with every power! Please save us from various fears. O Goddess Durgā! May salutations be for You.[22]

O Kātyāyanī! May this graceful face of You, Which is adorned by three eyes protect us from every fear. May salutations be for You.[23] O Bhadrakālī! May the trident (of You), which is formidable like fire, which is very fierce, and which kills any left demons (asura), protect us. May salutations be for You.[24]

O Goddess! That which, having filled the world with loud clamor, destroys the fighting spirit of demons — may that bell protect us from various sins like children are protected.[25] O Caṇḍikā! May the scymitar, which is coated with the blood, flesh and fat of demons, and which is resplendent in Your hand, happen to be for our auspicion. We salute to You.[26]

When satisfied, You destroy the diseases of everyone. When angry, You destroy all desired wishes. Men in Your refuge never fall into troubles. Those who have gone to Your refuge, indeed become refuge for other men.[27]

O Goddess! This destruction of greatest demons, which were against the virtuous dharma, done by You at this time by various forms and self-replication — O Ambikā! Who other (female) can be able to do this?[28]

In the sentences of primordial knowledge treatise (the Veda), which are the light of wisdom, Who else is mentioned except You! This whole world is verily wandering in the pit of me and mine (mamatva), which is extremely dark and deep.[29]

Where demons are, where fierce and poisonous snakes are, where enemies are, where barbarians (enemies of dharma) are, where forest-fire is, and where water is overflowing — there You are situated and You save the world.[30]

O Goddess of the world! You protect the world. You protect (hold) the world as Viśvātmikā (soul of the world). Thus, venerable You become adorable for Viśveśa (Śiva). And those who take refuge in You with devotion, they become the support of the world.[31]

O Goddess! Be pleased. Just like You quickly protected us from the fear of enemies, may You protect us like always like that. Destroy the sins of this world, and destroy the various diseases born out of turbulence and sins.[32]

O Goddess, Who absolves the afflictions of the world! Be pleased on us, who have fallen (on Your feet). O Goddess, Who is worshipped by the dwellers of three-worlds! May You bestow boons on the worlds.[33]


1 Parā, Paśyantī, Madhyamā, and Vaikharī are the four forms of speech.

2 As Śivadūtī, Goddess rang a very heavy bell. Its resonance disturbed the common fighting spirit of all the demons, causing them to become less co-ordinated and vulnerable to attacks. The demons became fearful after this incident.


Poet: Ṛṣi Mārkaṇḍeya

Book: Durgāsaptaśatī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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