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Vinayavali 11 | Vinay Patrika 11 | Shiv Bhajan by Tulsidas


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Vinayāvalī 011

O lord Bhairava! You have a terrifying appearance, you produce fear, you are the ruler of Bhuta (ghosts of a deceased), Preta (state of a Jiva before obsequial rites are performed) and Pramatha (a Gaṇa of Śiva), and you are the remover of misfortunes. You are the cat for [killing] the mouse in the form of delusion, you are the dispeller of worldly fears, you are the landing place (destination) of those who enable [others] to cross over [the ocean of life and death], and you assure safety [of your refugees].[1]

Your strength is incomparable, your extent (or size) is wide (or huge), your form is white (or fair), you are unblemished, you are exceedingly dazzling, and your appearance is like the Śeṣa serpent, who sustains the earth. On your head [you wear] multitudes of dense, heavy twisted and whitish-yellow Jaṭā (locks), radiant as one hundred crore bolts of lightning.[2]

On your head glitters like a garland the river Gaṅgā, the river of the gods, itself most purifying, and whose grace is [extremely] charming. On your beautiful forehead shines the waxing crescent,1 I praise [such] Kalādhara,2 who is Hara (the destroyer), and who is the friend of Kubera.[3]

The moon, the fire and the sun are your [three] eyes, you are the destroyer of Kāmadeva, you are the abode of virtues, and you are the embodiment of Jñāna and Vijñāna. You are the husband of the daughter of the [Himālaya] mountain (Pārvatī), the king of mountains (Mount Kailāsa) is your eternal home, you wear rings in your ears, and the splendour of your face is unparalleled.[4]

You wield a shield, a sword and a trident. You have a Ḍamaru, an arrow, and a bow in your hands. The best among bulls, Nandī is your vehicle. You you are the treasure of compassion [and that is why] you drank the indomitable Kālakūṭa poison with a kind heart when the gods and demons were burning and the human world was overwhelmed with sorrow [by the blaze of the poison].[5]

Ash is your body’s ornament, tiger’s hide is your clothing, and you wear a garland of snakes and human skulls around your chest. You are the dispeller of Ḍākinī (a flesh eating demoness in the service of Kālī), Śākinī (a demoness in the service of Durga), Khecara (flying evil spirits), Bhūcara (evil spirits on the earth), and Yantra-Mantra (black magic). You are the enemy of [the most] deadly sins.[6]

You are the great destroyer (Atikāla) for death and destruction (Kāla), you are the Garuḍa bird for [eating] the snake of the Kali age. You are the killer of Tripura demon and the doer of onerous and fearful acts. At the end of all worlds and Kalpa, you tear the Diggaja3 asunder with the pointed end of your trident, and (then) you dance (staying) unmanifest in the [three] Gunas.[7]

Afflicted by the cycle of birth and death which is terrifying with sins and sorrows, I keep wandering in the (eighty four lakh) life forms of the world and nobody is (my) saviour. O Śiva in the form of Bhairava! O Rudra in the form of Rāma! Protect me, (for you are my) kinsman (or brother), Guru, father, mother and creator.[8]

He (Śiva) whose array of virtues are thought upon by Sarasvatī who has unblemished intellect, Vedas, knowers of Brahman like Nārada and the serpent Śeṣa, Tulasidāsa says [that] lord of all, who takes away the fear of the submissive devotees, is seated in Ānandavana (another name of Kāśī or Vārāṇasī).[9]


1 Alternately, on your forehead shines the Kalā (one-sixteenth of the moon’s disc) of the moon.

2 A name of Śiva who bears the Kalā of the moon.

3 A Diggaja is a mighty elephant, one such elephant is believed to stand in each of the eighht directions to support the mass of the earth.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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