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Ganesh Chaturthi Special 2009 | Shiv Shakti krt Ganesh Stotram


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O [[Ga.ne"sa]], Who is the Lord of demi-gods, and Who bestows bliss to devotees! Salutations for You, Who is the leader of [[Ga.na]], Who is the Lord of various [[Ga.na]], and Who likes devotion.[1] Salutations for You, Who is rejoicing in His own bliss, Who is the most skilled ([[siddha]]) and most wise ([[buddhi]]) among all, Who has [["se.sanaaga]] (serpent) tied at the belly, Who is noble, and Who is [[.Dhu.n.dhiraaja]].[2]

Salutations for You, Who has the [[vara]] and [[abhaya mudraa]] in hands, Who holds an axe, Who holds a sickle, and Who has [["se.sanaaga]] (serpent) tied at the belly.[3] Salutations for You, Who is free from disease ([[bhavaroga]]), Who is of all sorts, Who is worthy of worship by everyone, Who is with form and quality (as [[Ga.ne"sa]]), and Who is formless and qualityless as [[Brahman]].[4]

O [[Ga.ne"sa]], Who has a head of an elephant! May salutations be for You, and Who gives the position of [[Brahmaa]] to the creators of the world. Salutations for You, Who is worshipped in the beginning, Who is the elder (son of [[Paarvatii]]), and Who is the most eminent.[5] Salutations again and again for everyone’s [[Heramba]], Who is the Mother and the Father. O [[Ga.ne"sa]], Who rules over obstacles! Salutations again and again for You, Who is without a beginning, and Who (may) put obstacles.[6]

O [[Lambodara]]! May salutations be for You, Who destroys obstacles of His own devotees. By Your devotion, many [[Yogii]] have reached the state of inner peace and bliss.[7] How to eulogize about You, Who is the essence of [[Yoga]]! We (both) salute You, Who absolves obstacles. O Lord (owner)! May You become satisfied by this eulogy. Having said thus, they saluted Him ([[Ga.ne"sa]]).[8]

Having put His hands on them, [[Ga.naadhii"sa]] spoke thus to those great [[I"svara]] ([["Siva]] and [["Sakti]]). [["Sriiga.ne"sa]] spoke: This eulogy, Which is created by You, will increase devotion of me. Also, it will bestow friendship of mine, if it is studied and listened regularly. By the reciter (or listener), everything -- including luxuries and salvation, sons and grandsons, and food or grains -- will be obtained; it is sure.[10]


Poet: Śiva-Śakti

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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