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108 names of Lalita - Lalita Upakhyanam - Navaratri 2009 - Special poem


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(The one-hundred eight names of [[Lalitaa]] are) (1) Who is dear to [["Siva]], (2) Who is worshipped by [["Siva]], (3) Who is reverenced by [["Siva]], (4) Who is charming for [["Siva]], (5) Who is merriment of [["Siva]], (6) Who is the delight of [["Siva]], (7) Who is like the divine crest-jewel for [["Siva]].[1] (8) Who is full of bliss (or Who is complete with [["Siva]]), (9) Who is close to [["Siva]], (10) Who is situated in [["Siva]] (or bliss), (11) Who is the dear consort of [["Siva]], (12) Who is inseparable from [["Siva]], (13) Who takes the half-form of [["Siva]] (as [[ardhanaarii"svara]]), (14) Who is within the wishes of [["Siva]], (15) Who causes bliss.[2]

(16) Who is engrossed in chanting of the name of [["Siva]], (17) Who causes the nearness with [["Siva]] (or bliss), (18) Who is the [["Sakti]] of [["Siva]], (19) Who is observable to [["Siva]], (20) Who is desired Goddess of [["Siva]], (21) Who is eternal bliss.[3] (22) Who is the noble [[Yogii"svarii]]1 for [["Siva]], (23) Who is under the will of order made by [["Siva]], (24) Who is extremely deft in the knowledge of bliss, (25) Who is dear to the five-syllable [[mantra]] of [["Siva]].[4]

(26) Who is accomplished with the good fate of [["Siva]], (27) Who does service to [["Siva]], (28) Who is situated in the lap of [["Siva]], (29) Who is attached to [["Siva]], (30) Who gives the [[kaivalya]] state (absolute unity with Self) to [["Siva]].[5] (31) Who is the sport of [["Siva]], (32) Who is the treasure of [["Siva]], (33) Who is completely possessed of support from [["Siva]], (34) Who is the [[liilaa]] of [["Siva]], (35) Who is a part of [["Siva]], (36) Who is the consort of [["Siva]], (37) Who bestows bliss.[6]

(38) Who is blissful Goddess [["Sriilalitaa]], (39) Who like divine-nectar for the eyes of [["Siva]], (40) Who is at the rank of wish-giving jewel for [["Siva]], (41) Who is the brightness of the heart of [["Siva]].[7] (42) Who is supreme to [["Siva]], (43) Who is in a blissful form, (44) Who furnishes the desires of [["Siva]], (45) Who is not reachable by the worship of [["Sivali"nga]], (46) Who is eager for an embrace by [["Siva]].[8]

(47) Who is satisfied with the sight of [["Siva]], (48) Who resides in the world of [["Siva]], (49) Who is the owner of [[Kailaasanagara]] of [["Siva]], (50) Who entices [["Siva]].[9] (51) Who is the [[ahopuru.sikaa]] of [["Siva]],2 (52) Who completes the conception (this world) of [["Siva]], (53) Who has blissful beauty in every organ, (54) Who bestows good fortune to [["Siva]] (or Who bestows blissful fortune).[10]

(55) Who is only devoted to the word [["Siva]], (56) Who is the expert in meditating on [["Siva]], (57) Who is easily available for the devotees of [["Siva]], (58) Who is dear to the devotees of [["Siva]].[11] (59) Who is full of favor from [["Siva]], (60) Who is the ocean of bliss of [["Siva]] (or Who is the ocean of nectar of happiness and bliss), (61) Who is satisfied with the appearance of [["Siva]], (62) Who is the daughter of blissful mountain ([[Himaalaya]]).[12]

(63) Who has a resplendence like lotus-sun of [["Siva]], (64) Who lives in the [[anta.hpura]] of [["Siva]], (65) Who is a part of life of [["Siva]], (66) Who is the virtuous progeny medium of [["Siva]].[13] (67) Who is content with the garland of [[rudraak.sa]], (68) Who is always enticing (mind pleasing) for [["Siva]], (69) Who gives the knowledge of eternal bliss to the devotees of [["Siva]], (70) Who is playful with [["Siva]].[14]

(71) Who infatuates [["Siva]], (72) Who is amply provided with the kingdom of [["Siva]], (73) Who is the blissful [[Brahmavidyaa]] (knowledge of [[Brahman]]), (74) Who is the witness to the [[taa.n.dava]] dance of [["Siva]].[15] (75) Who knows the essential element of [["Sivatantra]] ([["Saiva tantra]]), (76) Who is worthy of respect from [["Siva]], (77) Who is consisting of the essence of [["Siva]], (78) Who is the only skilled one to finish task of [["Siva]], (79) Who is the founder of [["Siva"saastra]] (knowledge treatise on [["Siva]] or eternal bliss).[16]

(80) Who is the source of graciousness of [["Siva]], (81) Who does benefit of [["Siva]], (82) Who is resplendent with [["Siva]] (or bliss), (83) Who is the light of eternal bliss, (84) Who does the happiness and enjoyment of [["Siva]].[17] (85) Who is the always young consort of [["Siva]], (86) Who is the creeper on [[Kalpa]] tree like [["Siva]], (87) Who offers [[Bilva]] petals to [["Siva]], (88) Who destroys the pain of devotee of [["Siva]].[18]

(89) Who is the light of the eyes of [["Siva]], (90) Who is blissful abode of compassion, (91) Who is full of the nectar of bliss of [["Siva]] (or Who is full of the nectar of happiness and bliss), (92) Who is the moonlight shining over ocean-like fortune of [["Siva]].[19] (93) Who is playful in the oneness of [["Siva]] and [["Sakti]], (94) Who is shining due to nectar of sport from [["Siva]], (95) Whose pot like breasts are firm by the great jewel-like love of [["Siva]].[20]

(96) Whose lotus-like soft feet are moist due to lack painted by [["Siva]], (97) Whose cloud-like hair-braid ([[ve.nii]]) is waving to capture the mind of [["Siva]].[21] (98) Whose lotus-hands have the wish-giving creeper ([[kalpavallii]]) which furnish the wishes of [["Siva]], (99) Who showers nectar (ambrosia) to uproot the great sufferings of non-blissful one.[22]

(100) Who is pleased by eulogy on greatness written by wandering and blissful ascetics, (101) Who lies down in spotless milky ocean of knowledge which is full of bliss.[23] (102) Who is adored by the foremost devotees of [["Siva]], namely, [[Vi.s.nu]], [[Brahmaa]], and [[Indra]], (103) Who slayed [[Mahi.saasura]] by agitation from the [[maayaa]] of [["Siva]], (104) Who killed [["Sumbha]] and other demons in powerful rage bestowed by [["Siva]].[24]

(105) Who bestows breast-milk, which is knowledge in total, to blissful [[dvija]] children, (106) Who is eulogized (prayed) by [[Nandin]], [[Bh.r"ngiri.tin]], and other dear devotees of [["Siva]].[25] (107) Whose form is smeared with ash obtained from the fire of (eye of) [["Siva]], (108) Who is [[Mahaatripurasundarii]] with knowledge beyond the ocean of knowledge of bliss.[26]

Thus ends the eulogy. O Sage! The mortal who daily studies this eulogy consisting of one-hundred eight names of [[Lalitaa]] -- eulogy, which destroys the sins from uncountable lives, which bestows love for [[Lalitaa]], which bestows all the luxuries, and which removes all the troubles of men -- he achieves all the wished desires.[27-28]


1 The interpretation is that [[Lalitaa]] is the [[i.s.tadevataa]] for [["Siva]] in [[Yogii]] state.

2 The meaning of [[ahopuru.sika]] is not clear to the translator.


Book: Śrīlalitopākhyānam

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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