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Dhana Lakshmi Stotram | Shiv Parvati dialog


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Dhanadā spoke: Having gone to the noble Nīlakaṇṭha Śiva, Who is dear to me -- Goddess Pārvatī asked the following from Śaṅkara, Who is the abode of compassion.[1] Devī spoke: O Dear! Tell (me) the quick remedy for crushing the poverty and bestowing wealth on the sanguine men, which are poor, and which have families to tend.[2]

Śiva spoke: Praising the apt sentence (said) by Pārvatī, the great Lord Śiva said, ‘‘By the compassion on worldly-beings, You are the universal Mother.[3]’’ ‘‘Having saluted Rāma, Who is with Sītā, Who is with Lakṣmaṇa (anuja), Who is with Hanumān, Who is with his followers, and Who is the supreme bliss, I will speak one of the best stotra.[4]

This stotra bestows wealth to believers, it causes benefit immediately, and it does welfare and protection together. These statements are indeed true, and it is my word.[5] Reciting or facilitating recitations by priests, which are the best believers, quickly causes the benefit of wealth, and poverty gets crushed.[6]

According to with, for prosperity, I am requesting You, Who exists as the share of prosperity on earth, Who is the wish-giving creeper of devotees, Who is auspicious, and Who is like the cow Kāmadhenu (that is, fulfils any desired wish).[7] O Dhanadā (lit. wealth giver)! O Goddess Dhanadā, and Who is liberally disposed, Who is the abode of mercy! May You be well pleased. O Maheśānī! I am requesting (You) for my wishes.[8]

O Goddess, Who is dear to Brahman on earth, Who is virtuous, Who is opulent, Who is worshipped by Kubera, and Who is righteous! Bestow the Yajamāna (one offering a Yajña) with right wealth instantly.[9] O Rudrapriyā, Who is beautiful, Who is well-figured, Who is enticing in form, Who is dear to Rati (the wife of Kāmadeva), and Who is the desired form of Kṛṣṇa (friend of peacocks)! Be pleased on me, who has fallen (into Your feet).[10]

O Divine Goddess, Whose lotus-feet are red in color, Who bestows all siddhi and desires, Who is wearing divine robes, Who is decorated by divine garlands, Who is associated with all the qualities, Who is marked with all the prosperous signs, Whose face resembles the autumn-moon, Who is Nīlā (one of the treasures of Kubera), Who has eyes like blue-lotuses, Who has curly tresses with a splendid garland which is like the reservoir of soma juice with bees, Who is intoxicated (with pride), Who is the Goddess, Who is the divine Mother, Whose melodious voice is like nectar, Who absolves the worries of devotees by Her divine and smiling glances, Who is the reservoir of beauty, exuberance, youth, compassion and qualities, Whose anklets and bracelets are tinkling, Who has shining charm in lotus-like hands, Who is illuminated by Rudra, Who is the essential element, and Who is the abode of the Earth! Please give wealth to the Yajamāna, which is the means of performing righteous activities. O Mother, Who is the universal Mother! May You please exhibit (this) to me without a delay.[11-16]

O Vasudhā, Who is the abode of compassion, Who is auspicious, Who is in the form of the Earth, Who is praised by Vasu and Indra! Please cause the requests of mine.[17] O Dhanadā, Who bestows boons, Who is worshipped by Brahmāṇī and Brāhmaṇa, and Who is for auspicion of Pārvatī and Śiva! Be well-disposed for the Yajamāna.[18]

This eulogy (stotra) vanquishes obstacles and poverty, and it bestows good wealth. O Śaṅkarī, Who causes wealth, and Who bestows splendor! Be pleased on me, who is (Your) servant.[19]

Those who read or cause to read this stotra, which is said by the attendant of Viṣṇu (Sureśa) with the grace of Lord of Pārvatī, with devotion and trust, they receive millions and millions in terms of wealth. This is unshakeable truth. Salutations for You, Who bestows wealth, and Who controls the lotus of treasures. May treasures of wealth and grain be ours by Your grace.[20-21]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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