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Gayatri Stotram by Sage Vasishtha (Vasishta)


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O Goddess Gāyatrī, Who is Sāvitrī, Who has three divisions (in the Gāyatrī meter), Who is unchangeable, Who is ever young, Who is immortal, and Who is the divine Mother! Salutations to You. Protect me from the ocean of metempsychosis.[1] O spotless Goddess, Who resembles a resplendent sun, and Who is the Sāvitrikā power of sun! Salutations to You. O Mother of the Veda, Who is the knowledge of Brahman (self), and Who is the ten Mahāvidyā! May salutations be to You.[2]

O Mahāmāyā, Who pervades infinitely many universes, Who is Brahmacāriṇī, Who is eternal bliss, and Who leads towards Śiva! May salutations be to You.[3] You are Brahmā, You are Hari, and You are Rudra in entirety. You are Indradevatā, You are Sūrya, You are Varuṇa, You are Agni, You are the Aśvinīkumāra, and You are Bhaga.[4]

You are Pūṣā, You are Aryamā (name of an Āditya), and You are the Marut. You are the sages and You are the best among ascetics. You are the Pitara, Nāga, Yakṣa (apparition), Gandharva (celestial bards), and the groups of Apsarā.[5] You are the Rakṣas, the ghosts and demons, and You are the supreme Goddess. You are the knowledge of Ṛk, Sāma, and Yajus (Veda). You are indeed Atharvan and Aṅgiras.[6]

You are indeed the set of all weapons. You are indeed the work of treatises. You also are the various Purāṇa, Tantra, and wisdom of Āgama.[7] You are indeed the five elements, and the various substances. You are the ruler of the world. You are Brāhmī, Sarasvatī, Sandhyā, Turīyā, and Maheśvarī.[8]

You are the Brahman exalted in tat sat (that is true). You are the soul of all that is included in sadasat (eternal and fleeting). O Mother Gāyatrī, Who is the ruler of anything that may be beyond everything, and Who is Ambikā! Salutations to You.[9] O Kālarātri, Who is Candrā, Who forms the essence of Kalā, Who is eternal, Who is Svadhā, Who is Svarā, Who is Svāhā in person,1 and Who has a resplendent fire-like face! I salute You, Who is the ruler of the worlds.[10]

O Gāyatrī, Who is Sāvitrī! Salutations to You. Salutations to You. I bow to You. O Sarasvatī, Who is beyond the three states of consciousness (jāgrat, svapna, suṣupti), and Who is in the form of Brahman! Salutations for You.[11] Thousands of mistakes and hundreds of ill-deeds are done by me, O Ruler of demi-gods! May You forgive them day by day.[12]


1 Svāhā is a form of Goddess which consumes Yajñabhāga. Her body consists of the four Vedas, and Her limbs are the six Aṅga of Veda.


Poet: Vasiṣṭha

Book: Vasiṣṭhasaṁhitā

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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