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Stavamala - Anandakhyam Stotram of Rupa Goswami from Stavamala


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Ānandākhyaṁ Stotram

1) Śrīkṛṣṇa; 2) Paramānandaḥ, Who is supreme bliss; 3) Govindaḥ, Who was named Govinda by Kāmadhenu and Indra; 4) Nandanandanaḥ, Who is the dear boy of Nanda; 5) Tamālaśyāmalaruciḥ, Whose splendor is like the dark bark of tamāla tree; 6) Śikhaṇḍakṛtaśekharaḥ, Who has made peacock feather as crest;[1]

7) Pītakauśeyavasano, Whose clothes are silken and of lightening color; 8) Madhurasmitaśobhitaḥ, Who is adorned by a charming smile; 9) Kandarpakoṭilāvaṇyaḥ, Whose resplendent beauty exceeds that of million Kandarpa (cupid) put together; 10) Vṛndāraṇyamahotsavaḥ, Who is (Himself) the great festival of of Vṛndāvana.[2]

11) Vaijayantīsphuradvakṣāḥ, Whose chest is shining due to five-flower vaijayantī garland; 12) Kakṣāttalaguḍottamaḥ, by Whose waist a nice stick (daṇḍa) is hanging; 13) Kuñjārpitaratiḥ, with Whom being placed in a flower-garden is delighting; 14) Guñjāpuñjamañjulakaṇṭhakaḥ, Whose throat is beautiful due to Guñjā flowers;[3]

15) Karṇikārāḍhyakarṇaśrīḥ, Whose ear’s grace is adorned by karṇikā flowers; 16) Dhṛtasvarṇābhavarṇakaḥ, by Whom a gold-white ointment (of sandal) is held; 17) Muralīvādanapaṭuḥ, Whose flute-playing is skilful; 18) Ballavīkulavallabhaḥ, Who is the dear to the families of cowherdesses;[4]

19) Gāndharvāptimahāparvā, Whose merriment is in meeting Śrīrādhā by Gāndharva vidhi; 20) Rādhārādhanapeśalaḥ, Who is skilled in taking the form of independent consort of Rādhā. Thus ends the twenty names of Śrīkrṣṇa.[5]

He who reads or he who listens to this great eulogy named Aanandākhyam, he — having achieved the supreme friendship — becomes associated with the love of Kṛṣṇa.[6] Having become the dear of the whole world and adorned with all the good qualities, he gets to the proximity of Nandakumāra Kṛṣṇa.[7]


Poet: Rūpa Gosvāmī

Book: Stavamālā

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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