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Chadi Man Hari Vimukhan ko Sang - Soordas Bhajan


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Chā̃di mana hari vimukhana

O my mind! Abandon the company of those who have turned away from Hari. (Because) With those men, delusion is born and it becomes an obstacle in the bhajana (of Hari).[1] (Telling about Hari to these men is like) giving camphor pieces for the crow to eat, or taking a dog for an ablution in River Gaṅgā. Why should one bother to apply sandalwood paste on a donkey, or deck up a monkey with ornaments?[2]

Descending arrows on a rock do not pierce it but cause the quiver to become empty. Sūradāsa says that vile-person like black-color will not (mix) accept the hue of other colors.[3]


Poet: Sūradāsa

Translator: Ashutosh Ghildiyal and Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Ashutosh Ghildiyal


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