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Stavamala: Hari Kusum Stabakam by Rupa Gosvami (antadi)


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I bow to Hari, by Whose gait the (walking of) best intoxicated elephant is surpassed, by Whose teeth the pride of Jasmine flowers is defeated, Whose splendor surpasses that of ten million Kāmadeva (cupid) put together, and Whose face is charming due to pleasant blooming flowers.[1]

I bow to Hari, by Whom beautiful cowherdesses were attracted using flute tunes, Whose lotus-eyes are charming with reddish hues due to youth, Who is settled in keli (sport) which gives rise to friendship, smile and other rasa,1 and Who is the sādhyasādhana (gati or One to be sought for) of the worldly beings chiefly set in paramārtha (bhakti mārga).[2]

I bow to Hari, by Whose walking (gati) the banks of Yamunā get decorated (by footstep marks), Whose attractive feet are adored by Brahmā, Śiva and others, Whose tender throat is resplendent by (shining) neck-ornament, and Who is extremely charming due to a tilaka-mark of gorocanā.[3]

I bow to Hari, Whose forehead is having a tremulous peacock-tail feather, Whose left-hand conquered Mount Govardhana by holding it, Who danced on the stage of heads (fangs) of the snake-king Kāliya, and Whose sports in the mountain-caves charmed the hearts of everyone.[4]

I bow to Hari, by Whom merriment is given to the warm-hearted and affectionate persons, Whose adorable stories rinse the (dirt of) age of Kali, by Whom various unequalled (examples of) arm-strengths were displayed, and Who is situated in the company of Balarāma and other sons of cowherds.[5]

I bow to Hari, Who is like the kalpataru for the wishes of sanguine followers, Who is the new-flower arrow (of Kāmadeva) for the group of young cowherdesses, Who is extremely skilful in protection of those seeking refuge, and Who is the sun for the blue-lily like lineage of wicked men.[6]

I bow to Hari, Whose hand has a bouquet of flowers, Who is a lion for elephant-like demon Bakāsura, Whose flute-tunes won over groups of deers, and Whose delightful throat is (as if) resplendent due to cuckoo-like voice.[7]

I bow to Hari, by Whom wicked men and rākṣas got killed in battle, in Whom the creeper of glory of auspicion of men is born, Whose name and quality is like Ṛṣi Agastya for the ocean of metempsychosis,2 and Whose devotees are free from the three qualities (or nature).[8]

I bow to Hari, Who is resplendent by divine-qualities which are surpassing any count (divine qualities such as possessing all luxuries, possessing knowledge, approachable, etc.), Who is selected by those (damsels) who have moon-like face, Who is the water-carrying cloud for the forest-fire like excessive arrogant Vṛṣāsura, and Who sports and roams with ornaments in spots where there are dark clouds.[9]

I bow to Hari, Who is the full-moon for the dark-night like son of Maya (Vyomāsura), by Whom the lineage of demons were distressed, and Who gladdens His own lineage.3[10]

I adore Hari, on Whose chest the mark of Lakṣmī is present, Whose chest is decorated with Vaijayantī garland which is housing many bumble-bees, Who is extremely auspicious for young (cowherdess) girls, and Whose limbs have shining sandalwood paste on it.[11]


1 This interpretation is taken from the ṭīkā by Jīva Gosvāmī — rasapūraṁ sakhyahāsyādirasapravāhaṁ vikāsayati yā kelistatparaṁ tanniviṣṭam.

2 Ṛṣi Agastya is also known as Kumbhaja. Once Ṛṣi Agastya swallowed all the oceans to uncover barbaric demons who would hide in ocean’s water. The poet is saying that the name and qualities of Kṛṣṇa can swallow (conquer) the water of the metempsychosis-ocean.

3 One caraṇa in this pada is missing in our copy of Stavamālā. Please help us if you know the missing lines.


Poet: Rūpa Gosvāmī

Book: Stavamālā

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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