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Vinay Patrika 012 - Shiv Bhajan - By Tulsidas


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Vinayāvalī 012

I always revere [["Siva]], Who is beneficient, Who is the bestower of auspiciousness, Who grants happiness to the virtuous, Who is the husband of the daughter of the Mountain [[[Himaalaya]]] ([[Paarvatii]]), Who is supremely pleasing, Who is the liberator from [[Kaama]] (desire and lust) and [[Mada]] (intoxication),1 Whose eyes are like red lotuses, Who is [[Vaamadeva]], and Who is attainable (only through) passion (of [[Bhakti]]).[1]

I always revere [["Siva]], Who is white like conch, jasmine flower, moon and camphor, Who is auspicious, Who is handsome, Who is the (pleasure-bestowing) cloud of existence-consciousness-bliss, and Who lotus-feet are venerated by [[siddha]], [[Sanakaadi .R.si]], the supreme [[Yogin]], [[Vi.s.nu]] and [[Brahmaa]].[2]

I salute [["Siva]], Who is dear to the clan of [[Brahman]],3 Who is (both) easily attainable (for the virtuous through devotion) and extremely difficult to appease (for the wicked), Who has a dreadful appearance, Who is omnipresent, Who is beyond the [[Veda]], Who is the abode of compassion, Who bears the [[Kaalakuu.ta]] poison (in his neck) and River [[Ga"ngaa]] (on his head), Who is pure, and Who is beyond the ([[Sattva]], [[Rajas]] and [[Tamas]]) qualities.[3]

I salute [["Siva]], Who is the lord of worlds, Who uproots afflictions and sorrows, Who is armed with a trident, Who is the Sun for the extensive darkness of delusion, Who is the death of [[Yama]] (the god of death), Who is beyond numbers (or Who has no divisions in matter, space and time), Who is ageless, Who takes away (ego), Who is the fire for (burning down) the forest of the harsh [[Kali]]-epoch.[4]

I salute [["Siva]], Who has the knowledge of [[Tat]], Who is the pitcher-born [[.R.si Agastya]] for the ocean of ignorance,4 Who is all-pervading, Who is the source of all prosperities, Who destroys the boundless world of metempsychosis, Who gratifies the suppliant, Who is (ever) favourable, and Who is the refuge of [[Tulasiidaasa]].[5]


1 Alternately, Who removes the arrogance of [[Kaamadeva]].

2 Referring to [[Sanaka]], [[Sanandana]], [[Sanatkumaara]] and [[Sanaatana]] — the four mind-born sons of [[Brahmaa]], Who are eternal celibates ([[Brahmacaarin]]), great devotees, and among the best [[J~naanin]].

3 Alternately, by the [[Bahuvriihi Samaasa]], ‘The clan of [[Brahman]] is dear to Him’.

4 [[.R.si Agastya]] once drank the entire ocean to help the [[Deva]]s kill the [[Asura]]s hiding under water.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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