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Hanuman Jayanti - Hanuman 12 Names Stotra (Dvadashanam Stotram)


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(The twelve names of Hanumān are:) (1) Hanumān; (2) Añjanāsūnu, the son of Añjanā; (3) Vāyuputra, the son of Vāyu; (4) Mahābala, Whose strength is immense; (5) Rāmeṣṭa, Who is dear to Rāma; (6) Phālgunasakha, Who is the companion of Arjuna; (7) Piṅgākṣa, Whose eyes are yellow; (8) Amitavikrama, Whose speed is immeasurable; (9) Udadhikramaṇa, Who crossed the ocean in a step; (10) Sītāśokavināśanaḥ, Who is the destroyer of grief of Sītā; (11) Lakṣmaṇaprāṇadātā, Who is the giver of life to Lakṣmaṇa; (12) Daśagrīvasya darpahā, Who is the destroyer of pride of ten-necked Rāvaṇa.[1] - [2]

These are the twelve names of the great personality and the best among monkey. Those who study this stotra before sleeping, on waking up, or during travel — they do not have any fear and they become victorious in battles. They surely do not have fear in king’s court or in dark caves.[3] - [4]


Book: Ānandarāmāyaṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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