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Mahadev Stuti by Brihaspati at Stutimandal


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Be victorious, O Śaṅkara, Who is placid, Whose complexion is fair like the moon, Who is the bestower of pleasant objects, Who is the bestower of everything, Who is pure in every way, Who accepts offerings from devotees with pure emotions, and Who is the absolver of excessive afflictions of devotees![1]

Be victorious, O Śaṅkara, Who pervades the sky-like heart of everyone, Who is the bestower of boons on devoted ones, Who burns the forest of sinful aggregations of devotees like forest-fire, Whose various forms perform different sport (līlā), Whose form is beautiful, and Whose treasure of patience (easily) tolerated the arrows of Kāmadeva![2]

Be victorious, O Śaṅkara, Who is free of death and other changes, Who frees His devotees from death and other changes as well, Who fulfils the wishes of virtuous devotees, Who holds snakes, Whose left-half is adorned by the daughter of Himālaya, and Whose all-pervading form has filled the entire universe![3]

Be victorious, O Śaṅkara, Whose forms fill the entire three worlds, Who is formless, Whose glance is beautiful, Whose opening and closing of eyelids causes the creation and the destruction of the world, Who is Bhava, Who is the Lord of ghosts, Who is the Lord of tormentors, and Who keeps extending His hands to the fallen ones![4]

O Śiva, Who contains the entire extended material surfaces, Who is the home to praṇava sound (oṁkāra), Who holds the moon (at forehead), Who is entirely satisfied by the presence of Parā -- the daughter of mountain king Himālaya! I am saluting You.[5]

O Śiva, Who is noble, Who is the Lord of Himālaya, Who is Maheśa, Who is Vibhu, Who is the bestower of wealth, Who dwells in the mountains, Who is the Lord of bliss, Who is compassionate, and Who is the consort of Pārvatī (eyes full of water with compassion)! Protect the three worlds from those who destroy devotees (or devotion).[6]

O Hara! I do not even fear this death. O Hara, Whose mind is unfailing! Quickly absolve (take away) my great sins. Apart from bowing to Śiva, I do not consider any other thought to be auspicious. Therefore, I am fallen at the feet of Śiva.[7]

In this extended and large world, I consider the satisfaction of Hara as the supreme means of getting rid of sins. O Lord! Therefore, I salute to Śiva, Who is qualityless, Whose bracelet is made of the great snake Vāsukī, and Who is the destroyer during deluge.[8]

Having eulogized Mahādeva in this manner, the son of Aṅgirā (Bṛhaspati) became quiet. Satisfied by this eulogy, Lord Maheśa (Śiva) gave a lot of desirable boons and said.[9] O Brahman! Because of this elaborate penance, you should become the chief of important demi-gods. With the name of Bṛhaspati, may You be prayed as a planet.[10]

He who recites this stotra for three years during the trikālasandhyā, Saṁskṛtā Vāṇī (wise and perfected speech) will become of him.[11] In my sannidhi (nearness), if this stotra is regularly recited, then there is no activity towards vice (crime) of the men who cannot judge properly (between vice and virtue).[12]

A being reciting this stotra will not receive the afflictions present due to a bad planetary position (graha). Therefore, a being should chant (recite) this stotra in my nearness.[13] Having woken up in the morning, he who recites this stotra daily (regularly), I will take away any potent hurdles appearing on him.[14]

Having offered persevering prayers to the liṅga established by You (in Kāśī), he who reads this stuti will receive anything that he desires.[15]


Poet: Bṛhaspati

Book: Kāśīkhaṇḍa Skandapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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