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Ganesh Ashtakam (Ganesh stava Rajah) from Rudra Yamalam


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Śrībhagavān spoke: I speak stava of Gaṇeśa, which quickly bestows all the siddhi (even) in the age of Kaliyuga. There is no need of nyāsa (abandonment), saṁskāra (sanctitious ceremony), homa (purifying oblations), or tarpaṇa.[1] There is no need of mārjana (cleansing of mind). The Gaṇeśa stava can be made siddha with fifty-thousand times japa of the panegyric and by feeding five-hundred Brāhmaṇa.[2]

Of this Śrīgaṇeśa stavarāja mantra, Bhagavān Sadāśiva is the ṛṣi, anuṣṭup is the chandaḥ, Śrī Mahāgaṇapati is the iṣṭadevatā, and the chant is for the prīti (happiness or affection) of Mahāgaṇapati.

With extreme happiness and joy, a happiness-increasing modaka is submitted to Vināyaka with one bhāvanā of offering, which whenever offered is sat, which is made of new grains and crop, which is without husk, which is not broken, and which is not decorated on top by sugar.[1]

I sing praise of Gajānana, Who abandons the difference between accomplishments of own caste (or tribe) and different caste (or tribe) by being situated in Himself (pūrṇatva), Who is dispassionate, Who is quality-less, Who is without a form, Who is static (actionless), Who is existence, Who is thought, Who is joy, Who is the supreme state, and Who has taken a form by His own māyā.[2]

O Gaṇādhipa! You are the aṣṭamūrti, You are the son of Īśa Śiva, You are the ruler, You are the all-pervading sky, You are excellent, You are the vital-air that nourishes the body, You are Vāyu. Indeed only You are consecrated, You are the Earth, You are the Moon, You are the Sun, You are for the coming forth of everything movable or immovable, and You vanquish any obstacles.[3]

I salute Gajānana, Who bestows various things, Who is blue like the color of tamāla tree, Who has one beautiful tusk, Whose elephant-head is like that of an elephant immersed in an ocean of nectar, Who is the temple housing the rows of veda, debates and other pious art-forms, Who vanquishes obstacles, Who is like the Sun for darkness, Who is next to those seeking support, and Who is supreme.[4]

Having gladdened, Vināyaka — Who has a moon over forehead — dances to (i) the sound of anklets and bells studded with gold and gemstones, (ii) to the tunes played by instruments like mṛdaṅga and claps, and (iii) to the vocals like dhimit, thoṅga and thaiyi.[5]

I always salute Vināyaka, Who is the only leader of various leaders, Who is the primordial cause of kalā and kalpanā, Who is the primordial vedapuruṣa,1 Who is the leader of Gaṇa, Who rules over the three qualities, Who is born out from Maheśvara, and Who bestows immense glories to those who service His feet.[6]

I adore Gajānana, Who has a large belly decorated by a long snake-tie, Who is worshipped by Sanandana and other Sanakādi sages, Who is served by all the siddha, Who always bestows victory and fear respectively to demi-gods and demons, Who shatters all the obstacles, and Who takes the side of His devotees.[7]

May Gaṇeśvara — Who has a bracelet at the end of lotus-like palm, Who has a collection of anklets in lotus-like feet, Who is the ocean of qualities, Whose arms are decorated with snake-ornaments, Who causes peace in the three-worlds, Who is the liberator, and Who has one form — be the destructor of the fortress-like ocean of metempsychosis.[8]

He who is deep in devotion, who is pure, and who reads this panegyric of Gaṇeśāṣṭakam thrice a day (during trisandhyā) in aware consciousness, of him becomes immaculate wealth and knowledge Herself with all the siddhi. When all this is achieved, then what other desires can be asked for![9]


1 The Vedapuruṣa is different than usual masculine form of humans.


Poet: Śiva

Book: Rudrayāmalam

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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