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Shitalashtakam Sheetalashtakam from Skand Purana


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Of this stotra of Mother Śītalā, Mahādeva is the Ṛṣiḥ, the chandaḥ is anuṣṭup, the iṣṭadevatā is Mother Śītalā, the bīja is Lakṣmīḥ, the śakti is Bhavānī; for the closure of all types of pox disease (boils) is the engagement of chanting.

Īśvara spoke:

I adore Goddess Śītalā, Who is seated on a rāsabha (donkey), Who is digambarā (clothless), Who has obtained a kalaśa for the purification (of sins?), and Whose head is decorated by a winnowing basket.[1] I adore Goddess Śītalā, Who destroys the fear of all diseases, and having approached Whom the fear of greatest of pox disease (boils or disease causing boils) is subsided.[2]

He, who is affected by fever (dāha), and who chants ‘O Śītalā, O Śitalā’ — his immense fear of fever or pox disease destroys immediately.[3] He, who has meditated upon You in the middle of river (during sandhyā), and who has prayed you completely — the great fear of pox disease does not goes to his home.[4]

O Śītalā! The calling of You (Your name) is the medicine for life of a man, Who is suffering from fever, Who is putrid with smell, and Whose eyes are incapable (or close to damage).[5] O Śītalā! You, Who is the only amṛtavarṣiṇī (medicine), take away the close to incurable diseases creeping over the body of men afflicted by pox disease (blisters).[6]

O Śītalā! These and other terrible diseases of humans, which affect the throat and face, they go towards complete destruction by just meditating upon You.[7] There is no mantra or medicine (auṣadha) for the disease called sins. O Śītalā! I do not see anyone else as iṣṭadevatā apart from only You, Who is the caretaking mother dhātrī, and Who is unique.[8]

O Goddess! He who respectfully thinks of You as the fibrous thread of lotus coiled and situated in the middle of nābhi, to him death does not goes.[9] He who always reads this aṣṭakam on Goddess Śītalā, to his home the fear of terrible pox disease (blisters) do not go.[10]

This stotra is worth listening and worth chanting along with śraddhā (faith) and bhakti (devotion), it is the best for the destruction of misfortune, and it is the house of good fortune (svasti).[11] O Śītalā! You are the Mother of the world. O Śītalā! You are the father of the world. O Śītalā! You are the caretaker of the world. (My) Salutations for Śītalā.[12]

Rāsabha, Gardabha, Khara, Vaiśākhanandana, Śītalāvāhana (vehicle of Sītalā), and Dūrvākandanikṛntana (who eats or cuts off grass and roots) -- he who studies these names of the donkey of Mother Śītalā before worshipping Śītalā, to his home and to his children the pain given by Sītalā (in the form of pox disease) does not goes.[13--14]

This aṣṭakam on Śītalā should definitely not be given to anyone and everyone. But it is always worth giving to him who has śraddhā (faith) and bhakti (devotion).[15]


Book: Skandapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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