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Siddhi Lakshmi Stuti on Dipavali 2010


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With the form of Brahman, the Oṁkāra Viṣṇu is infallible. May salutations be of You, Siddhilakṣmī, Who is Mahālakṣmī, and Who is Lakṣyalakṣmī![1]

That Goddess of wealth, that Śrī, Who resides in lotus-forest, at the tip of Kadamba, in royal house, in elephant, in white (color), in persons owning horse, in bull, in pair of yajña, and in the pillar of yajña — may that Śrī always be present in my home, forever and immovable.[2]

That Lakṣmī, Who is situated on a throne of lotus, Who has abundant waist sides, Whose eyes are , Whose navel is round and deep, Who is little bent due to the weight of breasts, Whose apparel is made of clean and pure cloth, and Who is showered from golden kalaśa (pitcher) with divine-water by the diggaja (king among elephants) that are adorned by a plethora of jewels — may She, Who has a lotus in hand, always reside in my home while being associated with all the auspicion.[3]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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