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Sharda Bhujang Prayat Stavanam (Saradabhujangaprayatastavanam) by Shankaracharya on Vasant Panchmi 2011


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Śāradābhujaṅga- prayātastavanam

Salutations for Śāradā, Whose smile has caused the moon -- the ruler of night -- to shine, Whose cheek-radiance subdues the eyes (wishing to see Her), Whose ornamental flag is fluttering due to Her own eyes, and Who is the lotus-born eternal truth.[1]

We perpetually perform salutations for Śāradā, Who is guiding Her devotees to the cessation of metempsychosis-ocean without trace of any effort -- as if She is the boat of benevolence, and Who is completely served upon by Śiva and Viṣṇu along with others.[2]

Salutations for Śāradā, Whose hand is keeping the posture (mudrā) of an amṛta-pot, Who is always served by dispassionate (devoid of dual-tussles) minds, Who is the annihilation of (vices like) anger, desire, greed and others, and Who is the dear One of Vidhātṛ (One without a protector).[3]

With humility like that of a son, my salutations for Śāradā, Who is gone to the Earth to bestow the desired wishes of those revering Her, Who subdues the pride of a peacock (one covered with feathers) by Her gait, and Who surpasses the pride and tranquility of moon (radiance) by smile.[4]

Salutations for Śāradā, Who brings about the dissolution of poverty and sorrows of those revering Her, Who is the absolver of fear or ill-omens or such obstacles, Whose hair-braids are of the color of the king of snakes (a cobra), Whose breasts are like mountains, and Who is the dear One of Vidhātṛ.[5]

Salutations for Śāradā, Whose hands have amṛta-pot posture and a rosary-garland (akṣamālā), Whose hands are surrounded by lotuses, and Who is always gladdened by the demi-gods, the best among men and the highly-honored among women.[6]

Salutations for Śāradā, Whose glory is always sung by all the Veda together, Who is situated (fixed) in the lotus-like inner essential body of dispassionate ones, and Who is happily prayed by the enemy of Pura (Śiva), the lotus-eyed Viṣṇu and the lotus-born Brahmā.[7]

Salutations for Śāradā, Who cares and is committed to the elevation of men afflicted by ignorance (avidyā) as well as Who is always keen to bestow the treasure of wisdom (on seekers) on those who even occasionally bow to Her lotus-feet according to the prescribed method (vidhi), and Who is full of virtues.[8]

Vāṇī, Who has amṛta-pot posture and akṣamālā for hands, immediately protected to the heart’s content to grant freedom from the fear of death to those, who have sought shelter in the lotus-feet, and those who were made fearful by fear (to seek shelter).[9]

Because of bliss, the greatest ones having submitted their lotus-like hearts to only You enjoy (Your) felicity. O Śāradā, Who is the ocean of mercy! To declare this fact to persons which have arrived to salute (You), probably You have held these innumerable lotuses (with Yourself). Isn’t it, O Mother![10]

The beautiful form (of You) in my lotus-like heart, Which is surrounded by a robe similar to the winter-moon, and Which shatters pride by a golden rope (noose), is carrying a diamond earring that is exceptionally beautiful and is in the state of resplendence.[11]

O Tapovāṇī! Having held the alphabets (akṣavarga), I am not able to attain (overpower) the controller of these alphabets. Even then, O Mother Śāradā, Who is the dear One of Vidhātṛ! Cast (Your) benevolent mercy, which carries beyond nescience (śūnya).[12]

Having looked at the entire world, I have not become satisfied; but just by looking everyday at the graceful, moon-like face, which is without a spot or other blemishes, and which is eternal. I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who is my Mother, and Who is the ocean of mercy.[13]

In the old times, in the east side of Śṛṅgeri mountain, Lord Candracūḍa took the form of a preceptor, having established the tāntrika cakra, and having worshipped you in all ways to bliss, He went to You, Who is not surpassable. I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, and Who is my Mother.[14]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who is taking Her devotees across the ocean of metempsychosis, Who is worthy of worship in every way by Śiva (Bhava), lotus-eyed Viṣṇu and unborn Brahmā, Who is skilled in the destruction and creating of the grand world with living-beings, and Who is my Mother.[15]

When you speedily bestow the desires, then who is a fallen being? (No one). In what manner or how do You bestow on to them who are without virtues? O Goddess! You need not tell this since You are known to be like the forest-fire for the forest of sins.[16]


1 The translation of verses [9], [10], [12], and [16] are approximate. If the reader observes any error, he or she should send a feedback email to us. (Email: stutimandal@gmail)


Poet: Śaṅkarāchārya

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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