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Hanuman Stuti from Vinay Patrika #27 | Hanuman Jayanti


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Vinayāvalī 027

(O Hanuman!) Victory to You! You are the abode of blessings and the remover of wordly burdens (of births and deaths). You are a form of Śiva, the enemy of Tripurāsura, in a monkey’s body. You compete with (are like) the garland of flames of the (blazing) fire of the rage of Rāma in being the destroyer of the moths in the form of nocturnal demons.[1]

Glory to You! You are the dwelling of the joy of Vāyu (the god of wind) and Añjanā. You were the only friend of Sugrīva in his sorrow, (attending to him) with your neck lowered. You are the destroyer of the intense deathly conflagration of the enraged demons. For the siddha, sura, and the virtous, you are the ocean of bliss.[2]

Hail to You! You are the foremost among the (eleven) Rudra (forms of Śiva), and the first among those venerable in the world. You are the sovereign ruler of the (valorous) warriors, renowned in the whole world. You are the best among the singers of Sāmaveda, and the most eminent among the conquerers of lust. You are the benefactor of Rāma and the follower (protector) of the devotees of Rāma.[3]

Victory to You! You are victorious in the battle. You carried the message of Rāma ([for Sītā), and spoke of the prosperity and auspiciousness of Ayodhya.1 You are the wish-granting tree (Kalpataru) for cooling off the men and women like Bharata who were excessively burnt by the the sun of separation from Rāma.2[4]

Glory to You! With immeasurable joy, you danced on seeing Rāma and Sītā seated on the throne. As Rāma is always resplendent with splendour (in Ayodhyā), you are (always) delighting the Ayodhyā of the mind of Tulasīdāsa.[5]


1 This reference is to Hanumān recounting to Rāma his meeting with Bharata in Ayodhyā when he came back with the Sañjīvanī herb from the Himālaya mountains.

2 Here the poet refers to the incident where Hanumān, disguised as a Brahmin, broke the news of the arrival of Rāma to the people of Ayodhyā.


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Vinayapatrikā

Translator: Akhandanandaprasada

Submitter: Akhandanandaprasada


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