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Sri Tara Pratah Smaranam (with meaning)


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O Tārā, Who is the absolver from metempsychosis! At morning, I remember You, Who is the absolver, Who has a gentle smile, Who has three eyes, Who has a dark-blue complexion, Who has a pair of scissors, a skull, a lotus and a scimitar in hand, Who is the nourishing Mother, and Who is the ruler of sura, asura and men.[1]

At morning, I remember Tārā, Who is Kharvā (short in height), Who is the giver of apavarga, Who is with undisturbed Śambhu (Śiva), Whose ornaments are of snakes, Who is beautifully gracious with left feet forward and sunk in the chest of Śiva, and Who is an expert in warding off the pain and fear of devotee.[2]

At morning, I remember You (Tārā), Who resides in the triangle inside a hexagon (in yantra), Who is shining in the aṣṭadala and bhūpura yantra, Who is served by the group of Indra and other gods, Who is the cloud of bliss, and Whose mantra has five syllables.[3]

At morning, I salute Tārā, Whose large garland is consisting of human skulls, Who is the most intoxicated due to spirituous liquid, Who has three beautiful eyes, Who is resplendent with light emanating from a waist covered by a tiger-skin, Who is the destroyer of dullness, Who is a quick giver of siddhi, and Who is the supreme Goddess.[4]

At morning, I praise Tārā, Who is the Mother and destroyer of suffering in metempsychosis, Who at once shines forth prosperity, treasure and wisdom, Who is extremely venerable while gone in the middle of a burning corpse, Whose teeth are fierce, and Who protects the devotee.[5]

Everyday, he who recites this five śloka in the morning while remembering Tarā, Who is the remover of the weight of earth — he, having obtained knowledge, abundance, bliss, peace and glory, in the end, goes to the sālokya state of Mother Tārā.[6]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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