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Yashoda Krishna Saptakam by Ushaputra


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You are 1) Yaśomatīputraḥ, the Son of Mother Yaśodā; 2) Yaśodāgehaprastutaḥ, Who approached the home of Yaśodā; 3) Yaśodādugdhabhakṣī, Who is the drinker of the milk of Yaśodā; and 4) Yaśodābāhunidritaḥ, Who slept in the arm-cradle of Yaśodā.[1] 5) Yaśodānandadātā, Who is the giver of bliss to Yaśodā; and 6) Yaśodāsaṅgakhelanaḥ, Who is the player of sport with Yaśodā; 7) Yaśodāmamatādhāraḥ, Who is the foundation of the motherly love of Yaśodā; and 8) Yaśodārasāyanaḥ, Who is the elixir of Yaśodā.[2]

9) Yaśodonnidradṛṣṭaḥ, Who was seen to be sleeping by Yaśodā; and 10) Yaśodāgītanidritaḥ, Who slept with lullabies from Yaśodā; 11) Yaśodāgehasaṁlagnaḥ, Who is associated with the home of Yaśodā; 12) Yaśodādhenurakṣaṇaḥ, Who is the protector of cows of Yaśodā.[3] 13) Yaśodācātakāmbhodaḥ, Who is like a cloud for cātaka-like Yaśodā; 14) Yaśodāprāṇavallabhaḥ, Who is dearer than life (prāṇa) to Yaśodā; 15) Yaśodāmānasārāmaḥ, Who is a facilitator of happiness to the mind of Yaśodā; 16) Yaśodādhāmavardhitaḥ, Who grew up at the home of Yaśodā.[4]

17) Yaśodāgoghṛtāhārī, Who is the eater (consumer) of ghī of cows of Yaśodā; 18) Yaśodādhenucāritaḥ, Who reared (grazed) the cows of Yaśodā; 19) Yaśodādadhihananaḥ, Who is the destroyer of curd of Yaśodā; 20) Yaśodādaṇḍadhāvakaḥ, Who ran away from Yaśodā due to (the fear of) punishment.[5] 21) Yaśodātāḍanatrastaḥ, Who was troubled by the caning (beating) of Yaśodā; 22) Yaśodābrahmadarśanaḥ, Who showed the Brahman (universe) to Yaśodā; 23) Yaśodāballavīcauraḥ, Who is the thief for cowherdesses of Yaśodā; 24) Yaśodārakṣaṇākṣitaḥ, Who was unhurt due to protection from Yaśodā.[6]

25) Yaśodāguṇajetā, Who is the conqueror of noose (rope) of Yaśodā; and 26) Yaśodākrodhakāraṇaḥ, Who is the reason behind the anger of Yaśodā; 27) Yaśodānandanākhyātaḥ, Who is known as the dear One of Yaśodā; 28) Yaśodābālakasmṛtaḥ, Who is remembered as the child of Yaśodā.[7] Thus ends the Yaśodākṛṣṇasaptakam, which is made due to benevolence of Kṛṣṇa, which is the abode of Yaśodā and Kṛṣṇa, and which is full of the sport of Kṛṣṇa.[8]


Poet: Uṣāputra

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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