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Gayatri Stotram by Vasistha (Vasistha Samhita) on Basant Panchmi 2012


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O Goddess! Salutations be of You. May Gāyatrī—Who is Sāvitrī, Who is tripadā (the Gāyatrīmantra has three phrases), Who is indestructible, Who is ageless, Who is endless, and Who is the Mother—protect me from the ocean of metempsychosis.[1] May salutations be of You—Whose appearance is like that of a Sun, 1 Who is stainless, Who is Brahmavidyā and Mahāvidyā, and Who is the Mother of the Veda. Salutations be of You.[2]

O Supreme Goddess, Who is the pervader of infinitely many universes, Who is Brahmacāriṇī (that is, Who knows the quintessential Brahman), Who is the eternal bliss, and Who is Mahāmāyā! Salutations be of You.[3] You are Brahmā, You are Hari, and You are really all the (eleven) Rudra. You are Indradevatā, You are Mitra (Āditya), You are Varuṇa, You are Agni, and You are Aśvinikumāra and Bhaga.[4]

You are Pūṣā, You are Aryamā, You are the Marut, and You are even the Ṛiṣi and Munīśvara (best sages). You are pitara (forefathers), You are Nāga and Yakṣa, and You are Gandharva (celestial bards) and groups of Apsarā.[5] You are the Rakṣas, the Bhūta, the Piśāca, and You indeed are the Parameśvarī. You are the Ṛk, the Yajus and the Sāma vidyā (knowledge), You are the Atharvaveda and the Aṅgiras.[6]

You indeed are all the śastra, You indeed consist of all the saṁhitā (collection of knowledge), You are the purāṇa, You are the tantra, and You are the theory put forth in āgamaśāstra.[7] You are the five elements, You are the elements, and You are the ruler of the world. You are Brāhmī, Sarasvatī, Sandhyā, Turīyā (fourth state of consciousness), and You are Maheśvarī.[8]

You are the Brahman which is tat-sat (only that is), You are the Māyā which is neither real nor unreal.2 You are the Goddess beyond the parātpara (one beyond para knowledge), You are Gāyatrī. O Mother, O Ambikā! Salutations be of You.[9] O Ruler of the world—Who is eternal like the phasing of moon, Who is Kālarātri (night of deluge), Who is Svadhā, Who is Svarā, Who is Svāhā, and Whose face is radiant like a fire! I salute You.[10]

Salutations be of You; salutations be of You. I salute You—Who is Gāyatrī, Who is Sāvitrī, and Who is Sarasvatī. O Brahmarūpiṇī, Who is the final state of consciousness! Salutations for You.[11] May You—Who is the Noble Goddess forgive the thousands of faults or transgressions, and the hundreds of misdeeds that are done by me on a daily basis.[12]


1 The meaning of sūryavāvitrike is unclear to the translator.

2 Another meaning would be Māyā which is sometimes real and sometimes unreal.


Poet: Vasiṣṭha

Book: Vasiṣṭhasaṁhitā

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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