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Good felicity for Rudra, Who is Bhava, Whose forehead has the Moon, Who has gone beyond qualities, Who is the essence behind qualities, Who is death for death, and Whose throat is blue in color.[1] Good felicity for You, Who is the consort of Gaurī, Who is seated on Nandin bull, Who is Bhīma (enormous), Whose cloth is made from tiger skin, and Who is the Lord of living-beings.[2]

Good felicity for Śiva, Whose body is smeared with ashes, Whose yajñopavīta (ceremonial thread) is a snake, Whose ornament is a garland of rudrākṣa, and Whose hairs are like the sky.[3] Good felicity for Śiva, Whose eyes are the Sun, the Moon and the Fire, Whose form is eternal bliss, and Who is the Lord of tormentors (pramathagaṇa). Salutations (for You).[4]

Good felicity for Śiva, Who wins over death, Who is Sāmba (with Mother Gaurī), Who is the cause behind creation, presence and destruction of world, Who is Tryambaka, Who is beautiful and placid, and Who is the Lord of the three worlds.[5] Good felicity for Śiva, Who is the bearer of Gaṅgā, Who is Soma, Who is Hari and Hara, Who is fierce, Who is the slayer of Tripura, and Who is Vāmadeva. Salutations (for You).[6]

Good felicity for You, Who is Īśāna, Who is spontaneously present (born), Who is Śarva, Who bestows divine knowledge, and Who has five faces. Salutations (for You).[7] Good felicity Mahādeva, Whose form is eternally blissful, Who is that, Who is blissful, and Who is frightful (in form).[8]

He who chants this Maṅgalāṣṭakam of Śambhu everyday, of him there is no fear of death and no fear of getting disease or pain.[9]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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