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Raam Janma (Birth of Raam) - Adhyatma Ramayan - Ramnavmi 2012


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When Sun ascended into aries triangle, then in the multitude of showering flowers Lord Jagannātha—Who is the supreme soul, and Who is eternal—was situated (manifested).[1] His complexion was dark like the petals of a blue-lotus, His apparel was yellow, He had four hands, His eyes were reddish like lotus, and He was decorated by shining kuṇḍala (ear-hoops).[2]

His radiance was like that of thousand suns, He had diamonds (in ornaments), His hairs were tightly curled, and He was eminent with a conch, a cakra, a mace, a lotus and a flower-garland.[3] His smile—which signifies anugraha (kṛpā)—was a pointer towards the moonlight, His large lotus-like eyes are full of nectar of compassion, Whose ornaments consist of śrīvatsa mark, garlands, keyūra (flower) and anklets.[4]

Having seen that supreme soul Viṣṇu, Kausalyā—Who was confounded by surprise, and Who had eyes filled with tears of happiness—bowing with hands together spoke.[5] Kausalyā spoke: O Noble among noble, Who is a holder of conch, cakra and mace! You are the supreme soul, infallible, unbounded, complete, and the best among puruṣa.[6]

The veda-speakers narrate You as beyond the scope of speech and beyond the cognizance of wisdom, only existence, and One (unique) form of knowledge.[7] With the power of Māyā, indeed You create the world, animate (it), and then destroy (it). You are associated with sattva and other qualities. You are turya (beyond the three states of conscious, unconscious, and semi-conscious dreams). And You are always existent.[8]

You (impel to) do, but indeed You are not the doer. You go but You also do not move. You listen but You also do not listen. You watch but You also do not watch.[9] You are without a pramāṇa (proof), You are imperceptible, and You are pure—thus the śruti (veda) spoke (of You). You are situated in every being and yet You cannot be targeted (found out).[10]

You manifest in those heart which have gotten rid of ignorance (ajñāna). Those with beautiful wisdom (mind or medhā) see the entire universe with various particles inside Your body (belly).[11] You are inside my womb—thus the world would deride. O best among Raghu! You are dependent on devotees. Now look at me.[12]

I am submerged in the ocean of metempsychosis—which consists of consort, children, and wealth. I am wandering due to Māyā of Yours. Now I have arrived at Your lotus-feet.[13] O Noble One! May this form of You always be present in my mind. May Your Māyā—Who is the enticer of the world—never select (elect) me.[14]

O Supreme Soul of the world! So end the form which is alaukika(beyond this world). Please show a child form which is supremely blissful and beautifully tender. By (Your) playful embraces and child-like cackles, I will cross over this immeasurable darkness.[15]


Book: Ādhyātmarāmāyaṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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