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Sri Rama Pratah Smaranam (Raam Pratah Smaranam)


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At morning, I remember the lotus-face of Raghunātha, Whose smile is gentle, Whose forehead is large and speech is delectable, Whose cheeks are decorated by moving hoops--hoops that are supported from ears, Whose eyes are large and (seemingly) stretch to the ears, and Which is the most beautiful for eyes.[1]

At morning, I adore the lotus-hands of Raghunātha, Which is a giver of fear for the group of Rākṣasa, Which is a giver of boons for own (devotees), and Which having broken the bow of Śiva in a convention of kings took the auspicious hand of Sītā spontaneously.[2]

At morning, I bow to the lotus-feet of Raghunātha, Which has vajra, aṅkuśa and other auspicious symbols, Which is a bringer of bliss on me, Which is being dwelt like a bumble-bee in the lake-like minds of yogīndra (best among yogī), Which is the immediate destroyer of curse of the consort of Gautama.[3]

At morning, by voice, I chant (speak) names of Raghunātha, Which is the remover of vāgdoṣa (ills of speech), which is the slayer of all faults, and which was chanted by Pārvatī with Her consort—chanted with devotion, equivalent to the Viṣṇusahasranāma, before the consumption of meal.[4]

At morning, I show dīpa (light) to the statue (image) of Raghunātha, Which is saluted by the śruti (Veda), Which is dark blue due to non-white colored jewels (marakatamaṇi) and like the petals of a blue-colored lotus, Which is decorated by special ornaments accoutred with pearls (mauktika), and Which is meditated upon by sages (muni) and people (jana) for liberation.[5]

He, who reads these five śloka (chandaḥ) daily at morning after the activity of body, is a wise man. Indeed having become the best among the devotees (servants) of Śrīrāma, He goes towards the world of Hari and achieves unison with Hari.[6]


1 We apologize for the extreme delay in the special poem for Rāmanavamī this year.


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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