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Hanuman Smaranam from Hanumat Stuti Manjari


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At morning, I remember Hanumān, Whose valor is without end, Who is like a bumble-bee for the lotus-like feet of Śrīrāmacandra, Who delighted the group of gods by burning the city of Laṅkā, Who is the house of all wealth and siddhi, and Whose strength is celebrated.[1]

At noon, I salute the son of Añjanā, Who is the only skilful One to cross a deceitful path over ocean, Who is worthy of seeking shelter from, Whose unmatched strength is well known, Who is deft in the absolution of ocean-like grief of Sītā, Who is the wish-giver tree to those who pray, and Who is unchanging.[2]

At evening, I adore the slayer of Akṣayakumāra, Whose glory is well-known in the destruction of group of various afflictions of those who have sought refuge in Him, Who is the personified descending node for all the Rākṣasa-families, Who gladdened the daughter of Videha—Sītā, and Who is compassionate.[3]


1 We apologize for the extreme delay in the special poem for Hanumān Jayantī this year.


Book: Hanumatstutimañjarī

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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