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Gajanana Stotram, Gajaanana Stotram, Ganesh Stotram


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Salutations for You, O Gaṇeśa! Who has an elephant-face, Who takes a beautiful form with an elephant-face, Who is the son of Sage Parāśara, Who is the son of Vatsalā, Who is the brother of Vyāsa, and Who is the uncle of Śukadeva.1 Salutations for You, O Gaṇeśa! Who is the Lord of tormentors since time-unknown, and Who resides in His own bliss.[1—2]

Salutations for Gaṇeśa, Who creates the universe by assuming rajas quality, Who saves the world by assuming sattva quality, and Who destroys everything by assuming tamas quality. Salutations for You, Who also has the form of a handsome man, Who is Paramātman, Who is wisdom-personified, and Who indeed is the only One.[3—4]

O Gaṇeśa, Who is the leader of Brahmā! Salutations for You, Who is self-learned, Who is God, Who is the science of Yoga, Who protects the tormentors, Who is serene in form, Who is Vināyaka, Who is brave, Who is the enemy of demon Gaja, Who is situated in the lake-like mind of sages, and Who protects the sages.[5—6]

Salutations for You, Who causes demi-god protection, Who curbs obstacles, Who has a round-belly, Who is patient, and Who is Ekadanta (one-tusked). Now, The demon named Gaja, Who was mighty, and Who was beyond Mṛtyu (death) in the universe has been killed by You. O Vibhu! This did a great surprise.[7—8]

When this demon has been killed, then the whole world has reached satisfaction. Now this world will be associated with Svāhā and Svadhā, and will completely reach the state of Dharma.[9]


1 This attribution of Parāśara-family to Gaṇeśa is unclear to the translator.


Poet: Nārada

Book: Mudgalapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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