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Gaurī Tapasyā Gīta

O Rāma!1 Having taken the guise of a Yoginī (one who does penance), I will go to the forest, due to [the love of] my consort.[1]

O Rāma! I will leave the roof of my home and the watch-tower of my home. I will go away leaving the atrium of my father, due to [the love of] my consort.[2]

O Rāma! I will leave the luxurious bed and personal decoration. I will go away leaving all the jewellery, due to [the love of] my consort.[3]


1 This song is taken from a movie called Bidesiyā. Here the word Rāma is not used in the vocative sense. It is used as an intensifying-expression to highlight the decision of leaving home. As per our interpretation, this song describes the departure of Pārvatī to forests for doing penance to persuade Śiva for marriage.


Poet: Rāmamūrti Caturvedī

Book: Bidesiyā (movie)

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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