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Gidh Krit Rama Stuti, Gidh Raam Stotram


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Be victorious, Rāma, Whose form is without a simile, Who is without sensory qualities, Who pervades qualities, Who inspires sensory perception, Who is [always] right, Who destroys the mighty arms of Rāvaṇa (ten-headed one), Who possesses formidable arrows, and Who adorns the earth! I regularly bow to Rāma, Who has a cloud-complexioned body, Who has lotus-like face, Who has eyes as if they are lotus-repository, Who is merciful, Who has strong hands, and Who destroys the fear of metempsychosis.[1]

I bow to Rāma, Who is strong, Who is immeasurable, Who is without beginning, Who is unborn, Who is inexpressible, Who is One, Who is beyond the scope of our sense organs, Who is known as Govinda, Who is beyond sense-organs, Who absolves duality, Who is the abode of sciences, and Who supports the earth. Whose Rāmamantra is chanted incessantly by saints, and Who entices the mind of uncountable men — I bow to that Rāma, Who endears the desireless devotees, and Who is the destroyer of desires and other groups of malice within our hearts.[2]

That, Who is incessantly sung as qualityless, Brahman, omnipresent, established, and unborn by the Veda; that, Who is attained by many saints after meditation, knowledge, renouncement, and Yoga — now That Rāma, Who is the cloud of mercy, Who is gracious, Who is unreachable, and Who entices the world, is in front of my eyes. The bumble-bee for my lotus like heart, He is resplendent like many Kāmadeva put together.[3]

That, Who is always unreachable, Who has an approachable behavior, Who is spotless, Who is unmatched, Who is indifferent, and Who is serene; that, Who is observed by Yogī to endear penance, and control sense-organs and mind — that Rāma, Who is abode of Ramā, Who is always a captive of devotees, Who has all the wealth in the universe, should reside inside my heart and destroy all the sins done during the stay in this universe.[4]


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Rāmacaritamānasa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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