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Birth of Raam, Birth of Rama, Kausalya and Ram


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Viṣṇu, Who is kind, and Who helps the weak, Who pleased His mother, Who wins over the mind of sages, and Who has an amazing form, appeared in front of Kausalyā for causing benefaction to her.[1]

His eyes were beautiful, His skin was dark like clouds, and His four arms had the four weapons (cakra, mace, lotus and shell. He had a flower-garland at neck, He had large eyes and He, Who slayed Khara, is an ocean of grace.[2]

Having brought two palms together, Kausalyā said, ‘‘O You, Who is infinite! How can I eulogize You? You are beyond the scope of Māyā, qualities, and knowledge. You are immeasurable and You are narrated by Veda and Purāṇa.’’[3]

You are the ocean of mercy and bliss, You are the abode of all qualities, and You are that Which is narrated by sages and the Veda. The same Śrīkānta has appeared in front of me for my benefaction.[4]

That Who has emissioned the universe, that Who has created Māyā, that for Whom the Veda sing — ‘He is in my womb.’ On hearing this contradiction, the learned scholars will not be convinced.[5]

Viṣṇu smiled when Kausalyā became realized. He narrated the incarnation-story and exploits in many ways. He convinced Mother with a blissful story, that love me as you would for your own baby.[7]

Mother replied, ‘‘My mind was confused. O Lord! Please give up this mysterious appearance. Do childhood sports, which are immensely dear, and it causes eternal bliss.’’[7]

Having heard the polite words, Lord incarnated as a child and started crying. Those who sing this hymn, attain the feet of Hari, and free themselves from the well of metempsychosis.[8]


Poet: Tulasīdāsa

Book: Rāmacaritamānasa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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