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Nirvana Manjary, Nirvana Manjari, Adi Sankara


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I am not immortal, or I am not a mortal; I am not a demon,; I am not a celestial bard or Yakṣa or the evil-omens; I am not a man, or a woman, or not even a hermaphrodite. I am distinguished and eminent, similar to light (in terms of the expulsion of dark-ignorance); I am eternal bliss or Śiva.[1]

I am not a baby, or a young man, or an old man; I don’t have a varṇa, and I am not a Brahmacārī or a householder; I am not even situated in the forests; and I am not engrossed in renouncement. I am eternal bliss, Which is responsible for the cessation of rebirth in this world.[2]

I am not measurable; I am beyond and older than Māyā; even then to see me differently [from Māyā] has no means. I bring together the bodies with three qualities; I am induplicable; I am always beyond the cognizance of sense-organs and I am all pervading; I am eternal bliss or Śiva.[3]

I am not a thinker, or a goer, or a speaker; I am not a doer, or a consumer, or situated in the free hermitage. As I cause the various differences to the mind, therefore, I am the cause behind all the forms seen in the world; I am eternal bliss or Śiva.[4]

I am not the soul’s advancement in the world; the regression of ill thoughts tied in buddhi (mind) is not by me. For whichever reason, this intellection (citta) goes through regression and progression, I am that embodiment; I am eternal bliss or Śiva.[5]

That, which is the cessation of deeds done due to ignorance1, that, without which the good deeds don’t shine on their own; that, which brings knowledge (shine) to the entities trapped in the beginning, middle or end (of life) — I am that Deva.[6]

From whichever point of view, I am not wisdom, or I am not the completion of deeds; I am not the organs, or I am not the rejection of phallus (procreative fluid). I am the pervader in the sky like heart (mind), I am beyond the pains generated by the organs, I am always in a blissful form, I am eternal bliss or Śiva.[7]

That by whose power this world has been the abode of qualities and quality-forms, that Who is induplicable, that by which the mind, wisdom, intelligence and various sense-organs perceive qualities and forms, I am that Deva.[8]

That which pervades everything from outside or inside, that which is still always untouched, that which is unique, that which is the cloud of eternal bliss, that which is perceptive [everywhere] by the manifestations and creations, that which emanates everything, I am that Deva.[9]

That by which the sun, the moon, the lightening and the sources of light shine, that which is devoid of any differences between self and others, that whose footprint is the world, that which is all powerful, I am that Deva.[10]

That by which empowers Kāla and Death in their deeds, that which is the cause for manifestations of citta (intellection), buddhi (mind), and sense-organs, that which is known as Hari, Brahmā, Rudra, Indra and Candra etc. names, I am that Deva.[11]

That which is present everywhere like this universe, that which is at complete peace, that which is the supreme light (final knowledge), that wihch is without a form, that which is the best, that which is free of beginning and end, that which is supreme, that which is called as Śaṅkara, that which manifests inside the mind, I am that Deva.[12]


1 As per Advaitavedānta, the notion of action exists due to ignorance. It is being said with knowledge, this notion of action disappears.


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar

Thanks to: Arvind Kolhatkar


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