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Katyayani Stuti, Devi Stuti, Durga Stuti, Pandav, Devi Puran


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O Goddess Kātyāyanī, Whose lotus-feet is revered by the thirty-three demi-gods1, Who is the primary cause of the creation, maintenance and destruction of the world, Who is a fierce destroyer, Who is the consort of Tripurārī (Śiva), Who is Durgā, Who destroys sorrows of the world! Be happy on me.[1]

You destroy the cunning demons, You always entice the cunning (using Māyā), and You indeed absolve grief. O Goddess, Who is the abode of the universe, and Whose form is beyond thought! Those who indulge in Your devotion, never face difficulties and hurdles.[2]

Having risen only from You, the universal Mother — Brahmā creates the universe, Viṣṇu maintains it, and Śambhu destroys it. O Mother! You create, maintain, and destroy them along with Kāla. This is just Your sportive play and You never get destroyed.[3]

O Goddess, Who absolves pain, and Who is the best-warrior! Those, by whom You are remembered, never get pervaded by the arrows of enemies. O Goddess, Who destroys the king of demons! And their arrows, which sink in the limbs of the enemy, suck away enemy’s life from the body.[4]

O Beautiful Durgā! He who chants Your name in a battlefield is seen as the all-destroying Kāla by his enemies. And indeed You cause that person to be victorious, who is chanting Your Oṁkāra name continuously.2[5]

O Supreme Goddess! Those who take refuge in you, are not bothered by these fears, either right now or in the future. And there (in the battle) by the fear of these men, the cunning are troubled and they leave away from the war in all directions.[6]

In the past, during the fight between demons and demi-gods, the leader of demi-gods Indra had requested victory from You; and he killed the armies of demons successfully. Rāma too, destroyed the armies of demons after praying You. And here we don’t see our victory without praying You either.[7]

We surrender to You, Who gives victory, Who is the only One revered by the universe (polymorphism of a single deity), Who is the refuge or support of the universe, and Whose feet are revered and serviced by Viṣṇu and Brahmā as well. Please bless us with a victory. With Your mercy, we can get victory after overpowering our enemies.[8]


1 The thirty-three Deva or demi-gods are as follows — Twelve Āditya, Nine Vasu, Eleven Rudra, and Two Aśvinīkumāra.

2 This stuti or eulogy appears when Pāṇḍava are about to fight a battle in Kurukṣetra.


Poet: Pāṇḍava

Book: Kalyāṇa Janavarī 2005

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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