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Ram Aarti, Raam Aarti, Rama Arati


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Śrīrāma Āratī

Do an Āratī of Śrīraghuvara (Śrīrāma), Who is Saccidānanda (existence, thought and bliss), Who is blissful, and Who is beautiful.

Do an Āratī of Śrīrāma, Who is the son of Kausalyā, Who is dear to Daśaratha, Who protects demi-gods and sages, Who expurgates demons, Who is captive of devotees, Who is like sandalwood for the devotees’ heart, Who is the most dignified man, and Who is the best.[1]

Do an Āratī of Śrīrāma, Who is quality-less, Who has a qualitative form, Who is without a form, Who is reservoir of beauty, Who is adored by the whole world in many ways, Who absolves grief and fear, Who bestows all the siddhi, Who is free from Māyā, Who is divine, and Who is the best among men.[2]

Do an Āratī of Śrīrāma, Who is the consort of Jānakī, Who rules over demi-gods, Who rules over the world, Who is the progression of the world, Who is adored by the universe, Who is faultless, Whose wisdom is immeasurable, and Who is the final destination of everything movable or immovable.[3]

Do an Āratī of Śrīrāma, Who is affectionate towards those who seek refuge, Who endures penance, Who is the best Kalpa-tree like figure for devotees, Who kills demons, Whose uttered name purifies the world, Who is friend of monkeys, and Who absolves grief of destitute.[4]


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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