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Vishnu Stuti, Visnu Stuti, Kapali, Vaman Puran


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1Salutations to Viṣṇu, Who rules over demi-gods, and Who has a flag marked with Garuḍa! Salutations to Viṣṇu, Who has a conch-shell, a discus and a mace in hands, and Who is known as Vāsudeva. O Viṣṇu, Who is formless, Who is immeasurable, Who cannot be resolved by arguments, Who is Ārya, Who is pure, Who is pious, Who is both knowledge and ignorance, Who is without support, and Who is the support of everyone! Salutations to You.[1—2]

O Viṣṇu, Who created rajas quality in this universe, Who is Brahman (supreme soul or bliss), and Who is eternal! Salutations to You. O Lord! This whole universe, with animate and inanimate objects, was created by You. O Viṣṇu, Who is established on virtue, Who rules over worlds, Who is like a diamond (best), Who is nourishes everyone, Who has long hands, and Who agitates men (by Māyā)! Salutations to You.[3—4]

O Viṣṇu, Who created tamas-qualities! I have been born out of Your anger. O Viṣṇu, Who made all the qualities, Who is the supreme Lord, and Who is all-pervading! Salutations to You. O universal Lord! You are this earth, the ether, the sky, the fire, the wind, the mind, the thought, and everything else. Salutations to You.[5—6]

O Lord! You are virtue, sacrifice, penance, truth, benevolence, cleanliness, honesty, forgiveness, act of donating, mercy, surreal wealth, and the study of Veda. You are the four Veda with all their sub-parts2, You are eulogized, and You are beyond the Veda. O Lord! You are the Upaveda and everything else. Salutations to You.[7—8]

O Mādhava, Who is infallible, Who possesses a discus in His hand, Who took a fish-body incarnation! Salutations to You. In my opinion, You are the most compassionate one in the world; save me from my sin of Brahmahatyā.1 Destroy my ill-doing situated inside my body so that I get freed from this Brahmahatyā. I am being destroyed and burnt by the un-pondered deed of mine. You are the supreme shrine and salutations to You.[9—10]


1 According to a story in the Vāmanapurāṇa, Brahmā and Śiva had an argument after their creation in which Śiva took away one head of Brahmā with His nails. Then the Brahmahatyā affected Śiva and the head of Brahmā got stuck on His palms. Śiva is known as Kapaali for this reason. Prior to this incident, Brahmā has been narrated as having five-heads.

2 Śikṣā (proper articulation and pronunciation), Candas (metric property), Vyākaraṇa (linguistic analysis), Nirukta (Unspoken or self-contained), Jyotiṣa (astronomy to fix auspicious days for sacrifices), and Kalpa (ceremonial property) are the six sub-parts or organs of the Veda.


Poet: Kapālin

Book: Vāmanapurāṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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