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Sarasvati Stotram, Sarasvati Bhujangam, Sharda Bhujangam


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I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who has beautiful pot like breasts, Who has breast-pots which are filled with nectar, Who is the support of benevolence, Who is the support of virtue, Whose face is adorned by a servant-like moon, Who has red lips which are full of giving-quality, and Who is my Mother.[1]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who has merciful sympathy in Her glance, Who possesses knowledge in Her hands, Who is awakened with respect to art-forms, Who is adorned by a beautiful bell-garland at the waist, Who is the first among woman, Who is sleepless, Who is the leading beautiful, and Who is my Mother.[2]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who has beautiful curved sides like a plough-head, Who has a tongue resounding with songs, Who is the unique nourisher of Her devotees, Who has cheeks resplendent with glory and surreal wealth, Who possesses akṣamālā in Her hands1, Who has tongue resounding with traditional verses, and Who is my Mother.[3]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who is adorned by a beautiful and tied hair-braid, Whose eyes are superior to that of a deer, Who voice is enticing like a parrot, Who is reverred by Indra, Who has a nectar-moon like face, Who has a hair-braid which cannot be meditated upon, and Who is my Mother.[4]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who is serene, Who has a beautiful body, Whose tress-locks fall at the end of Her eyes, Who has flashing creepers like (delicate) organs, Who is immeasurable and unthinkable, Who should be remembered by sages with devotion according to traditions, and Who is my Mother.[5]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who sits on a deer, a horse, a lion, a Garuḍa, a swan, an elephant and a bull (in various forms), Who is great, Who is equally poised in all the nine-forms2, and Who is my Mother.[6]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who is resplendent like burning fire, Who is adorned with a world-enticing body, Who is the beautiful wandering bumble-bee for the lotus like heart, Who is resplendent with the dance and music of Her own eulogies, and Who is my Mother.[7]

I continuously adore Mother Śāradā, Who is immensely revered by the lotus-eyes of Śiva (Bhava) and Brahmā, Whose face is resplendent with the signs of a mild smile, Whose ears have shimmering and shivering earrings, and Who is my Mother.[8]


1 As per tantra, the vowels and consonants from a-kāra to kṣa-kāra are called as akṣa. And akṣamālā represents these sounds which form the basis of knowledge.

2 The nine forms of Durgā are as follows -- Kumārikā, Trimūrti, Kātyāyanī, Rohiṇī, Kālikā, Caṇḍikā, Śāmbhavī, Durgā, and Bhadrā. According to Devīkavacam these can be as follows -- Śailaputrī, Brahmacāriṇī, Kālikā, Kūṣmāṇḍā, Skandamātā, Kātyāyanī, Mahāgaurī, Kālarātri, and Siddhidātrī.


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Book: Śaṅkarastotraratnākaram

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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