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Shiv Shadakshar Stotram, Shiv, Siva Sadaksara Stotram


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The Yogī continuously meditate upon Oṁkāra, Which is eternal, Which is associated with Bindu,1 and Which bestows desires as well as liberation. Salutations for that Oṁkāra Śiva. The sages, the demi-gods, the group of celestial dancers, and the men bow to Śiva, the Lord of demi-gods. Salutations for that nakāra Śiva.[1—2]

Mahādeva is the supreme soul, He is the best in supreme meditation, and He is the great absolver of sins. Salutations for that makāra Śiva. Śiva is serene, He is the Lord of the world, He causes benevolence on the world, He is blissful, and He is the final eternal state. Salutations for that śikāra Śiva.[3—4]

That Whose vehicle is a bull, that Who has the snake Vāsuki as a garland, that Who has Śakti (Pārvatī) on His left side, salutations for that vakāra Śiva. Wherever all-pervading Lord Maheśvara is situated, He is supreme to all other. Salutations for that yakāra Śiva.[5—6]

That who reads this Ṣaḍakṣarastotram in the proximity of Śiva, goes to the world of Śiva and rejoices with bliss.[7]


1 The anusvāra and visarga represent the three-qualities of which this world is made of. Together, these dots are called as Bindu or Trayabindu or Bindutraya in various Tāntrika works.


Book: Rudrayāmalam

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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