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Kameshvari Stuti, Devi Stuti, Pandav Krit


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O Kāmeśvarī, Who is supreme, Who is Brahman (Ātman), Who is eternal, Whose glory is sung by demi-gods, demons and the world! Salutations to You. Even Brahmā and thirty-three (tridaśa) demi-gods don’t know Your manifestations. Shower happiness on the world, O Ādyā (First One)! O Kāmeśvarī! Salutations to You.[1—2]

You are without a beginning, You are beyond everything, You are knowledge and You appear as all the persons trapped in bodies. O Kāmeśvarī, Who is revered by the universe! Salutations to You. You are the root cause of every living being, You are the wisdom, the sense of being alive, and the sense of being happy. You are enlightenment and You are the sleep. O Kāmeśvarī! Salutations to You.[3—4]

Having prayed to You, Paramātmā Śiva (Maheśa) also thinks that He is indeed satisfied till the core. O Kāmeśvarī! Salutations to You. O Kāmeśvarī, Who destroys the plots of all the evil, Who decides the results of sins and bliss, and Who absolves the grief of the worlds! Salutations to You.[5—6]

You alone are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of all the multiverse (plural of universe). O Kāmeśvarī! O Kālī, Who has a fiery form! Salutations to You. O Mother, Who has a happy lotus like blooming face, and Who absolves pains! Shower happiness on me. O Kāmeśvarī, Who is complete, and Who is beyond everything! Salutations to You.[7—8]

You are the support of the world, which is seeking help, by the means of devotion. O Kāmeśvarī, Who is the Mother of the three worlds! Salutations to You. O Goddess, Who is knowledge, and Who is Complete! You are the power behind the creation and You have manifested in these worldly creations. O Mother Kāmeśvarī, Who rules the Universe! Salutations to You.[9—10]


Poet: Yudhiṣṭhira

Book: Kalyāṇa Janavarī 2005

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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