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Brahma Krit Rama Stuti, Raam Stuti, Ramayana


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I adore Viṣṇu, Who determines the state of universe, Who appears or expresses inside the heart of knowledge-seekers after continuous penance, Who is devoid of any material or physical tensions, Who is the only one (polymorphic), Who is supreme in essence, Who is present inside everyone’s heart, and Who takes various forms.[1]

With determined wisdom, having merged the prāṇa into apāna, having stopped apāna in the heart, and having slayed all the ties of doubts and material tensions, the Yogī observes the Lord. I adore that Lord Rāma, Who is diamond among jewels, and Whose splendor equals the Sun.[2]

I adore Rāma, Who is beyond the scope of Māyā, Who is Mādhava, Who is the first-one, Who is the beginning of this world, Who is beyond measures, Who destroys passion, Who is worthy of adoration by sages, Who is worthy of meditation by Yogī, Who is the method of Yoga, Who is complete, Who entices the world, and Who is exquisitely beautiful.[3]

I adore Rāma, Who is without emotions and miserability, Whose dual-feet are meditated upon by Śiva and other Yogīs, Who is eternal, Who is pristine, Who is wise, Who is without end, and Who is the beginning of this universe.[4]

You are my Lord, You inspire me to finish my undertaken work, You are beyond the scope of measure, You are an incarnation of Mādhava, You support everything, You are attainable by devotion, You are all that is conceived, You absolve metempsychosis, and You are understood and attained by the practice of Yoga.[5]

I adore Rāma, Who is the beginning and the end of the three-worlds, Who is the Supreme Lord, Who is — indeed — unreachable by the worlds and the measures of the world, Who is worthy of adoration with feelings of devotion and respect, Who is beautiful, and Whose body is blue like a lotus.[6]

Which person immersed in Māyā and powered by Mādhava can try to know You, Who is immense in measure or beyond measure? I adore that Rāma, Who is revered by ascetics, Who will be adored by Gopīs, Who is adored by Śiva, and Who is the cloud of happiness.[7]

I adore Rāma, Who is promoted by innumerable treatises, philosophies and Vedas, Who is eternal bliss, Who is the subject-less knowledge, Who is without a precedent, Who is for getting serviced by me, Who is blue like sapphire, and Who is the Lord of Mathurā.[8]

Those devoted-men who study this hymn in earth — which is about primordial-cause, which is the supreme knowledge, and which disposes supreme knowledge, having meditated upon blue-complexioned Rāma, Who bestows every desire of the devotee, the meditator understands the absolute truth and shuns his ignorance.[9]


Poet: Brahmadeva

Book: Ādhyātmarāmāyaṇa

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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