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Ganesh Stotram, Gananayak Astakam, Ganesh Ashtakam


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I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who has one tusk of elephant, Who has a huge body, Who is resplendent like heated-gold, Who has a huge belly, and Who has big beautiful eyes. I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who has three-threads running across His body, Who sits on a black-antelope skin, and Whose face is shiny like a crescent-moon.[1—2]

I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who is decorated with colorful jewels on His organs, Who has a colorful garland around His neck, Who can manifest as anything He wants, and Who is the Lord. I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who has the face of an elephant, Who is supreme to demi-gods, Who is decorated at His ears, Who holds a rope-cord and stick, and Who is the Lord.[3—4]

I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who, having ascended on the best mouse, is the immense warrior in the battle between demi-gods and the demons. I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who is always revered by the Yakṣa, the servants of Kubera, celestial singers, magical beings and knowledge holders, and Who has immensely powerful hands.[5—6]

I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who is the bliss of the heart of Ambikā, Who went around his Mother,1 Who is pleased by devotees, and Who is intoxicated.2 I adore the Lord of Gaṇa, Who removes the obstacles, Who is the Lord, Who becomes an obstacle for all the obstacles, and Who endows us with all the siddhi.[7—8]

Those who sing this blissful octet on Gaṇeśa, with an ocean of devotion inside, having liberated from all their sins, go towards the world of Rudra.[9]


1 According to a story, Kārtikeya and Gaṇeśa were asked to tour around the universe and return. Kārtikeya immediately set-out on His vehicle peacock but Gaṇeśa just went around Pārvatī. His logic was that the whole universe lies inside my Mother, and therefore going around Her is good enough for going around universe.

2 The intoxication part is unclear to the translator.


Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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