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Maya Panchakam, Maayaa Pancakam, Adi Sankara, Stutimandal


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O Māyā, Who is without comparison, eternal, not a part of (anything), Who is indivisible, Who is the stack (of the universe), and Who is free from all imaginations! You cause the difference between Lord and individual. You, Māyā, are indeed more clever than the unhappened.[1]

Oh! Indeed the Veda, the hundreds of treatises, their corrections, and the four-limbed ones get polluted (deceived) by the means of wealth, luxuries etc., (by You). You, Māyā, are indeed more clever than the unhappened.[2]

Having tied the induplicable, blissful-form, and indivisible consciousness, You create the sky, universe, fire, and other elements; then You roam in the whole universe till the end of delusion. You, Māyā, are indeed more clever than the unhappened.[3]

O Māyā, Who is departed away from qualities, color, race, and differences with respect to them! O Māyā, Who is the heap of bliss! You blossom in the pride of learned and the kings, and in the attachment towards son, wife, and home. You, Māyā, are indeed more clever than the unhappened.[4]

O Māyā, Who is indivisible! Having ashtonishingly created differences between Brahmā (Vidhi), Viṣṇu (Hari), and Śiva (Hara) in the mind of even the learned desirous men, You roam around as the difference between Viṣṇu (Hari) and Śiva (Hara).1 You, Māyā, are indeed more clever than the unhappened.[5]


1 Perhaps the summary of this canto is that the differences between Śiva and Viṣṇu are felt till we are a captive of Māyā.


Poet: Ādi Śaṅkara

Translator: Animesh Kumar

Submitter: Animesh Kumar


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